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    How would you have stopped them?  THAT seems kind of dangerous actually - confronting a stranger.  
For me, I guess it would depend on what the risks of not getting to where you need to go, as well.  Maybe he was riding out to get some medication.  Or not.  I don't think it's statistically more dangerous than driving.  But lots of people take that risk every day.
  Love this!
  Thanks - I am going to try this!  
Anyone see it? I saw it last night with a friend - she thought the last half was alll Nina;s dillusion.   I don't.  Anyone want to talk about it?
  Can you explain browned butter to me?  is it just 6 T of butter browned in a pan - how do you keep from burning it?
you could "paint" their names on with nail polish.
  That sounds so cool!  Would you mind to post a pic sometime?  when you say greenhouse, do you mean you grow things in there?  
or maybe it's not so sinister.  Maybe she is thinking its a n easy catch all term. 
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