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:nod   Also - not just a question for the op, but in general - I wonder how people will feel when they are the grandmother?  I know that I plan on being crazy about my grandchildren, I hope my daughters in law don't try and put uneccessary distance between us.  Especially over semantics. 
I think what some people are trying to say is that each child costs more money.  Please don't be unrealistic/naive and say that they don't or there is a way to make it free.    Most of us are also saying, don't let cost deter you from having the children you want.  Just go into it with eyes wide open.
Are you talking about renting?  Because I have never heard  of this being a problem when owning your own home (unless you are being investigated for other stuff by DCFS or something).  
  I have found the bolded to be true many times even in traditional families.  
I will start by saying that I don't think finances should be a huge factor in the number of children someone has.  I think that most people can figure out a way to scrape together what they need for however many children they have.  And also, most kids would benefit from another sibling rather than a new toy or whatever.   However.    It is somewhat naive to say that kids don't have to cost very much money.  Bottom line, is they do.  At some point it is the...
I agree - a breakfast like that the day after Christmas would be wonderful.  Christmas eve, I think a lot of people are still trying to wrap up loose ends.  But I think it's great that you are reaching out to your neighbors like this :)
 Ugh :(  
    I read about 100 books a year.  And whenever people here me talking about a book or something, they're always like, "I wish I had time to read".  I always mention, then, that I don't watch any TV.  That usually shuts people up pretty quickly.   
    Yes to this.  Also - if you are going to buy it from Joann sign up online for their mailing list - you should get a coupon for 40% in stores or online any one item!  
sadly, I have found this to be true a lot, too :(
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