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Just returned form the GI visit. He thinks i have Clostridium difficile toxin A and/or B and ordered another stool sample. In the meantime he wants me to start on a probiotic and an antibiotic. I hope this is right. I need to check the antibiotic on Hales website because the doc said I can't breastfeed while taking it. Not true, I am sure. thanks again everyone for all your help.
sounds like allergies to me, too - my nephew has them and the throaght clearing at night is how my sister knows they are acting up
Quote: Originally Posted by poiyt I dont know..I tend to think that we chose to have kids they didnt chose to come to us. We are talking about a 7wk old here..all they have known for 40wks is hearing their mamas hb, being warm and safe...I dont think its too much to ask for mama to remain with their child until they are older. If we were talking about an older kid or older baby that would be different..but at 7wks - I think that baby deserves his...
tricia - your blog has been very helpful to me - I am sure you have no idea just how much. so thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by ~pi vbactivist. It just sucks sometimes, doesn't it? I was really taken by surprise by how down I felt about my 26 year anniversary of diagnosis. For some reason, 25 felt like an achievement, but when I hit 26, I really felt hopeless. I just felt DONE, i.e., "Thanks for the super fun times, but I'd like to turn my pancreas back on now." Are you getting some support IRL? Counseling or anything? (Diabetes is associated...
shannie sue - I will say, my anxiety about everythng (logistics, pain, fasting, etc...) was waaay worse than the actual surgery. Pm me if you want to talk - it will be okay
Just wamnted to chime in here (i did over in sn's) but once my daughter could take food by mouth, she was able to breastfeed. I think that might be what the op is getting at? I didn't have to use bottles, if that is what you are asking. But yes, they are not able to eat for a while - and it is a slow start because they are sleepy form all the medication - but I did nurse my daughter 24 hours post op (the second operation) and held her carefully. She didn't eat much the...
I like Bumblebars. http://www.bumblebar.com/ 6g of protien - not sure how much you're looking for.
OT:- but I am blown away by the possibilty that my daughter's thymus was removed during her OHS and we don't know it!!! I just emailed ehr surgical nurse (who I have since become friends with) and plan to call her cardiologist in the am. I am really upset about this. My daughter also has congenital hypothyroid, and I have two autoimmue diseases, so this stuff is important to me. She is partially vaxed right now. And her ped thinks I am crazy ugh ugh ugh. sorry to...
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