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Why not start a new routine with books? She must be an early reader (or close to it). i know my 6yr old LOVES books and flips if he loses books at bedtime for any reason.    Our current routine w/both our kids is pjs, brush teeth, get into bed, read 3 books, then lights out. He has a little LED flashlight that he uses to look at more books, or sometimes listens to them on an MP3 player.   She may not like the change in routine at first, but that doesn't mean that...
Honestly, I couldn't imagine my kids at age 4 painting on my car with anything other than water.   I would freak.out. IMO by that age they know where they should & should not put paint (or marker or crayon).  I'm sorry mama! I would be furious as well. 
We always wanted 3 or 4 kids, but had to use infertility treatments to get the 2 we have. After the 2nd, I figured if it happened great, but if not, it wasn't meant to be. When my son was 2-3 years old, our whole life changed, we ended up moving, starting our own business, etc.    Now our business is established, my kids are 6 & 9 years old and I feel really torn about having another baby. Part of me does, as I've always wanted more. Dh would like another as well....
I hate those tests because I always get evaps. Try again in a few days. Good luck!!
Never okay.
How tall is she & how much does she weigh?  
We're not quite there yet, but it's not going to be long, and for us it's just not optional. You brush your teeth, brush your hair,make your bed every day. So as we move along things like taking a shower and using deodorant daily will also be not optional. And I think it may take a lot of reminding every single day until they get it. I also like the stink = no internet. :)
Nope, not regular not diet. The ONLY exception for us is ginger ale for treatment of car sickness if necessary.   Soda is 100% junk food regardless of diet/regular and why on EARTH would I want to get my kids into that habit?     Here it's water, milk or fortified OJ (my son doesn't drink any milk) and the very occasional lemon aide in the summer. Period. Even at parties my kids aren't even tempted, don't ask. They can have juice on occasions like that, but...
Some of those are normal for his age, some he may need some help in. Ask his school for an evaluation when you return for the year in the fall.    I did this when my son was in preschool (late in the year, April I think). He qualified (barely) for speech services based on his pronunciations. He saw his speech teacher 1-2 times a week this year with one other Kindergartener. He loved going. They played games and generally had fun, and we saw improvements in his...
Is this possible??? I've recently gotten into running. I'm barely at the 2miles/day mark now and a friend is asking me to do a marathon with her in October. Is this even possible??
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