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PJsmomma - thank you so much & CONGRATULATIONS!! I've also been following the WW program, and I'm very interested to see how things change after a while on HCG.
You ladies are rockin!!! I'm so happy for all of you. You're all inspiring me too. I've had a 2nd successful day. I'm calling this VLCD #2 (starting over after my crazy fall). I really never felt starving all day, it's amazing, what a shift! I was hungry/rumbly/knew I needed to eat. Perfect. Question.. is NaturalCalm a tea or a homeopathic? I went & bought some SmoothMove tea (I think that's the name...by Traditional Medicinals) because I really need to do something to...
I think the *idea* is wonderful, but I honestly believe some people do not have the ability to self regulate. It's not part of their brain make up or something. Also, it's easier to self regulate in a society/life where junk (ice cream, processed foods, candy, cookies, sugary stuff) didn't exist. Let's be real... that stuff tastes good - it's chemcialy created to make us want it. I think it's better to be somewhere in the middle. Restrict access to most crap & then...
It's definatly physical hunger, but also very mental as you said. Even on WW you're never very hungry & can have a snack here & there. I've ordered some tea for myself to help when I'm needing something, and am waiting for it to come. I think that will be a good thing to have. I also love seltzer & need to get more today.
So, I ate what I wanted on Friday, skipped my first 2 doses because I was so discourage, but then decided to get back on the horse. I took the PM dose on Friday and then was back on VLCD yesterday. It seemed way better. I wasn't starving, just hungry at times and felt low (like I needed energy/food). I'm trying to baby myself and get through a full week. I was down 2.4 today. Right now i have a bit of a headache, but am okay otherwise. Hoping for a similarly good day today.
I feel like a total loser, but I was so hungry & isn't that the point of the hcg? I also was in a total brain fog, couldn't think, was generally miserable. I'm wondering if the drops weren't working or if I should try the injs. Where are you getting your injs? eta - I was doing Weight Watchers since May and have lost 25lbs, so I wasn't living on junk. I was eating about 1500c/day mostly healthy, whole foods. Yes I had carb, etc but I wasn't a crazy junk food junky. I...
maybe I should try Injectible hcg? think that would help?
I'm a hcg loser & not in the good way. I was starving tonight. I just couldn't take it. I ate dinner/toast/granola.
Glad to hear I can eat 2 apples, LOL. They're calling my name. Down 1.4 today (total of 1.8 from pre-load, 5.8 from peak loading day). That was pre-BM (IYKWIM) and I'm feeling like I need to do something to get things moving along, so to speak. Suggestions?
My son started saying "I hate you" last year... same exact age. It came out of nowhere. When he would be angry/upset/frustrated/freaking out he'd add that into the mix. It's a test of power. They know those are powerful words and they want to test limits, etc. We would just tell him that those are unkind words, or that we loved him very much and we're sorry he feels that way, etc. He hasn't said it in months. Phase over... yours will be too & she does love you very much.
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