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You're not alone.
I had a very similar thing happen last summer to me!!! I had an infected tooth & took a 10day course of amoxicillin. On day 10 I started getting hives (allergic reaction). They were a horrible nightmare for a few days (benedryl was the only thing that saved me). But for over a MONTH afterwards, I was itchy itchy itchy. It was different areas, no rash, but if I scratched giant welts appeared. I basically rode it out & would take benedryl when it got to the point when...
I think there is no *one* answer to this question! So much depends on location, situation, circumstances, etc. I own a children's resale store and we have parents who pop in all the time while their children sleep in the car. We have a safe parking lot, they park right in front of our windows, and we actually offer them a baby monitor to put in the car to listen for their children if they want it. We live in a really family oriented, small town. I guess it's pretty...
Hmmm... my dd has a very hairy lower back. I always assumed it would eventually fall out & hasn't. But, I'm not sure about the overall picture you're describing in terms of being normal or not. I would say, if you're concerned, you should take her in. Why not? Better safe than sorry later/
Are you a Costco member? They have an eco-friendly laundry detergent that is wonderful. It smells great (I think a lot of the natural ones stink, IMO), cleans fabulously, & is budget friendly, etc. I do you stain spray (spray n wash), as I've not found anything "natural" that works for stains.
I loved reading the running survey thread, and found it very inspriring. I would some of the seasoned runners to give advice for newbies just starting out. What's the best way to get started (other than C25K)? How do you make it so your lungs don't feel like they're going to burst? Do you listen to music? What other tips can you share for those just starting out? Thank you!!!
We redid our clawfoot tub in our old house. Ours was in similar condition, but had been more recently painted & wasn't peeling. We hauled it outside, put it upside down on cardboard & painted the outside with a really nice, heavy duty paint. I think I just went to Home Depot & told them what I was planning to do & they recommended it. I *believe* it was regular latex, w/the hardest finish (satin? gloss? Can't remember). It was a lovely china blue color. Anyway, we used...
Have you tried juice and laying down? Maybe giving her a little nudge? If you're really that concerned, you should go in & be checked, just for peace of mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marsupialmom I put my foot down. You take care of it or it gets cut. Your dd is old enough to take care of it, but IMO she is young enough to need reminders. Also she still might need help knowing how to do it correctly. Allow enough time in the morning to do it. I agree 100% In our home, we don't leave the house w/out our teeth brushed & hair brushed & up (out of face, which usually means pony tail, braids,...
Don't feel guilty about being relieved!! You're pregnant w/twins and that's a huge thing, you deserve a break before starting again. And 3yrs is fantastic. Sounds like he was ready to stop. My kids both weaned on their own in their 3's and it was similar. Slow down, and then skipping days, and then one day just forgot how to latch. No trauma, just done. Enjoy this time.
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