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My dd came to all my appts w/me including 2 IUIs, transvag u/s, etc. She was 2 at the time. She laid right on the table with me. It really wasn't a biggie. They put a sheet on your lap for modesty. If you want to explain what's going to happen you can just say they're going to take a picture of your uterus and they use a special camera that goes inside you. (if she even asks).
We had a similar situation w/a cat a few years ago. She was abandoned in a barn by her mother. The farmer took her home & hand fed her, then we got her when she was only a couple of weeks old. She was nuts. Scratched, attacked the kids (in a playful way but it still hurt). I think it's due to not being socialized by the mother.
I don't know if you need/would like this, but when a dear friend was pregnant with #3, I threw her a frozen meal party. Guests were all asked to come with a meal to be put in the freezer for when the baby came. Other gifts were optional. It was perfect.
What about trying your local thrift store/salvation army/consignment store? I own a childen's resale store & take shirts off the racks all the time to embelish/applique, etc.
I don't think it's really excessive. In fact, I would see it as very generous and a great opportunity to teach your dd how to graciously accept an unexpected gift. Have her write a nice thank you letter and move on.
Wow, what great ideas. I'm tired just thinking about them all, LOL. Why can't I just lose 60lbs sitting on my a$$???
I'm looking for recommendations for in-home exercise videos/games, etc. Dh has mentioned getting a Wii, but I no nothing about it, and have no idea what to get/how it works. I desperately need to exercise/lose weight. I doubt joining a gym is going to happen right now (financially) and it's winter in New England, thus walking outside isn't probably going to happen very often for the next couple of months. So, tell me all about the Wii. Is it a good option? What...
I agree w/the short bob idea. My dd has had her hair cut like that many times. If you go just above chin level, it's adorable & SUPER easy to care for.
I can relate to your stress. DH & I work together and we all leave together every day. But, I'm the one who does 90% of the kid stuff. It's does really annoy me when he doesn't help. He's NOT a morning person and it's all he can do to get himself out of the house on time. I do have to ask him for help, which he usually will do when I directly ask. Maybe you could just outright ask? (If I'm being good, I'm up at 6:30 for a walk)..... Otherwise... I get up at...
Thank you for the replies. Sorry it took so long for me to get back here.... the days seem to fly by. Yes, it's a brick & morter retail store. We're a children's resale/consignment store. We've been open just over 3 months. It's still a challenge to balance things. DH has had some side stuff going on for the past month, so I've been running the store most days alone. But that's going to end soon, so we'll be more able to switch off. That will be a huge help!...
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