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(popping in.... sorry)... do you have a fever? If so, I'd really suggest you go to the ER tonight.
Hugs Hugs & Hugs!! Sometimes babies *are* in a certain position for a reason, even if we don't know what it is. It sounds like you've tried nearly everything. I don't think trying version is such a bad idea. If it doesn't work then you'll have your answer and not be spending time thinking "what if...". A cesarean really doesn't have to be a terrible experience! Many people have wonderful birth experiences that way. I think attitude going into it really can make a...
I think it depends on a lot of factors like the amount your electricity costs, how much do you pay for water, etc.... Honestly, I would marry my new LG Steam washer if I could. I LOVE that thing.
My mom & stepfather just went through this w/SEVCA! It was amazing. They were in their home for 3 days, blowing insulation into the attic/over the garage, putting weather strips around the doors, new fans in the bathrooms, replacing tons of light bulbs, more stuff that I can't remember. They are also sending someone to check out the furnace too. They were thrilled with the whole process! I'd say go for it. It's worth thousands of dollars.
My dh & I recently opened our own business. We opened the doors on Sept 1 (after working for 2 months non-stop to get ready), and things are going well so far. I love being there, dh enjoys it too, the days fly by, are fun, etc. The business itself is off to a good start. I'm just looking to chat/discuss the challenges with other parents who also own their own businesses. How do you balance life (meaning house, chores, kids, shopping) and work? Also, there are...
Deo's hole (sp?) on the West River. It's about 2-3 miles outside of town??? You'll see some houses on the left hand side of the road & a little parking area on the right.
Hey! Welcome!! I just moved to the area in the spring, although I did grow up in Brattleboro. We just opened a new resale store called Whippersnappers and you're welcome to come in a say hi anytime. We're definatly a extended/tandem nursing, cosleeping friendly kinda place.
My dh used to get it through work, but left his job a few months ago. Now I have it through my work, but I really want to get us both life insurance not tied to a job. So where does the frugal mama get term life insurance? I'm totally overwhelmed and just keep ignoring the issue because I don't know where to start.
I washed cloth diapers for about 5.5 years straight in my maytag neptune and i promise you the ONLY way you'll not have stink is BLEACH. Every time you wash them. Period. You can try all the other things, including standing on your head and doing a dance, but it's not going to work. Anything other than bleach & you'll have stink.
Hi! We recently moved to Putney. I grew up in Brattleboro, but haven't lived in VT since going away to college at age 18. I'm really happy to be back.
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