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If you have to ask, you've never been on it. Think strapping yourself to the front of a freight train.
Do you have a hardware store nearby? Go buy one of the plastic clip traps. You put peanut butter in it. They work really well and are easy to dispose of the evidence. I'm sure they're not nicest way to get rid of mice (wait, is there a nice way?) but they're disease spreading rodents and they breed like CRAZY. If you have one, you have many!
You didn't screw up! you didn't go too fast. Some kids just take a long time to figure out the poop thing. From now on, every day just ask her if she wants to poop on the potty, do encouraging things, heck bribe her if necessary. Some day it'll happen, and that'll be it. When she's ready, she'll be ready!
Why don't you just take it in with safety pins if you don't sew?
Was wrong for me for #2. I was told at 20w I was having a girl, and didn't find out he was a boy until birth.
the only piercing that has to come out is a tongue ring.... that's in case you have to go under general on an emergent basis for a c/s. I know sometimes they request that clit-type rings come out too, just so you don't tear. (and I work on LDRP... sitting here now)
I would get a lawyer asap. I've been attacked by a dog before (totally unprovoked, I was walking on the other side of the road & it came running at me & attacked). If it EVER happened again, I would sue the pants off them. Sorry. Once you've had that happen you don't forget about it.
I know of a woman who recently gave birth to full term twins and claims she never knew she was pregnant. She had an 18mo (not breastfeeding) and delivered at home and her teenage sister caught the babies. And this is not just 'hearsay'. Can you imagine??
is she left handed?
I am so so very sorry for your loss. There are no words.
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