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How about Calvert? http://www.calvertschool.org/
People misusing phase and faze! I see it all the time! Incorrect: my toddler is going through a biting faze, but it doesn't phase me. Correct: my toddler is going through a biting phase, but it doesn't faze me. Apostrophes to pluralize upsets me most though. On Mother's Day I had a FB status wondering how many kittens would die due to all the "Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's" posts. Sure enough, my newsfeed was full of them by day's end, including several from TEACHERS.
We use Motherease: https://usshop.motherease.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=15&cat=Bedwetter+Pants and we also use Antsy Pants: http://getantsy.com/ Neither are perfect, but better than other nighttime undies we've used.
My soon-to-be 5 DS still loves sand and water play. We have a large sandbox and water table. My boys are tall and I bought the tallest water table I could find a few years ago and he can still use it pretty well. This year we're adding an Aquaplay system too: http://www.aquaplay.se/show-product.asp?product=51 I think some kind of sand/water combo would prove very popular!
I'm sorry!! Every time I visit there, I have a similar experience. At least I'm in good company!
Angela has used it: http://satorismiles.com/ I know she blogged about it not too long ago. I'm interested in it too, but I'll probably wait until my DS1 is a bit older.
We use Antsy Pants for both older boys (2.5 and 4.5) with either a newborn prefold or hemp doublers. It took some trial and error with inserts, but now they work very well!
I thought this might be the consensus! Thank you!
Can anyone recommend a dutch oven?  TIA!
We had big nighttime issues with DS2 until we switched to a Dancing Bears overnight cover. It's incredible! Can't wait until the new baby fits into it!
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