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Thank you for the suggestions. I just got another call from the school today. My DD stole someone's snack at recess and hid behind a tree and ate it with 2 other girls.
I got a call this week about my dd8. She has created a club at school and excluded some other girls (one in particular) which hurt her feelings. She has called the teacher a liar. Wrote inappropriate negative comments in her journals/essays. She way playing a "game" with some kids and took part in holding a girl down and taking off her shoes even after being asked to stop.What would be an appropriate response? I would take away some privileges, but don't know what to take...
I would recommend the Louisiana Children's Museum. There's plenty of things to do for active kids. The zoo is also great, if it's not too hot. At the zoo is Monkey Hill where the kids can splash around a bit if it is hot.
I am having a hard time accepting it even now. My "baby" is 2.5 years old. I am watching her grow so fast and ever so slowly getting rid of baby stuff that I have used for all 3 of my kids and it makes me so sad. My husband would have been fine without any kids at all. He was done after 2. I begged for the third. Just the other day I made a joke about having another to see his reaction. He acted like he didn't hear me. Maybe he didn't. I won't push it. Our marraige seems...
Your situation sounds similar to mine. But we have good days and bad days. We have a dream life, actually. I wonder sometimes what is wrong with me. Now I try to focus on figuring out what it is that I need/want that will make me happy independent from him. If I can figure that out and attain it, I think my husband and I will be happy together. Maybe that will help you too. No more focusing on the marraige and what's missing. Focus on you and what you need to be happy...
I had emergency surgery due to an ectopic about 3 years ago. Although, I was up and working soon after surgery, I still had some achiness for about 6 months. I'm fine now and went on to have another child (also with only one tube working). Best wishes.
A New Earth changed my life. Go to Oprah.com and look in the Spirit section or do a search for Eckhardt Tolle. She had podcasts on her website where she and Eckhardt Tolle discuss each chapter. There's also a discussion forum. They are still there (I went to check). Start with Chapter One and watch each one. It will help you.
I really want to mind my own business more and not give unsolicited advice to my family members. I'm having a hard time getting off my high horse and thinking that "my way" is the best way. Things get so complicated with my family especially now during the holidays. I need to lighten up. My whole family does, but I can only control me.
The most influential books for me are written by Wayne Dyer and Eckhardt Tolle. "A New Earth" delivered the "message" to me in a way that really hit home and changed my life. I think about what I have learned from him everytime a new challenge comes into my life.
My DD is 7. She's very smart but only wants to do the minimum necessary in any assignment/task. She can only be motivated with TV or candy/cookies. She also seems to be in some sort of denial. We tell her to try her best at soccer practice. She says she did do her best, although she spent most of practice daydreaming and not participating. Her school assignments are always done as quickly as possible with nothing extra. If she should answer a question, she writes one...
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