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I think it's workable, but I would caution you and your husband to plan for all of the worst-case scenarios: death, disability, divorce, or business failure. Definitely make sure you carry enough life/disability insurance to replace lost income and pay for childcare if one of you dies or becomes unable to run your business. Keep an emergency fund with 6+ months of living expenses at hand. Make sure both of you know exactly what assets you have and how you can access...
Things I've learned while growing my own hair out (to hip-length!): Brushing through tangles will break off your hair. Try a wide-toothed shower comb for detangling, and only use it when your hair is dry. Use a soft brush (like a boar bristle brush) for smoothing your hair. If your hair is long enough, braiding or bunning it will protect the ends. Avoid the elastics with metal on them, and try to vary your styles so the same part of the hair isn't always being...
At my last prenatal appointment, I got a pamphlet from the Iowa SIDS foundation containing a list of assertions and statistics about cosleeping, presented with no citations. Some of the claims seemed a little unusual to me, and after a quick trawl through Google Scholar and PubMed, I was not able to confirm them. The husband and I would really like to find the original studies, etc., so that we can make an informed decision about our sleeping arrangements...
Thanks! I will give it a try with the looser of the three sweaters, and see how it goes.
I have three wool sweaters that I would like to make into "butt-sweater" style soakers. Two are knit to a gauge of about 10 st/in, and the other is about 7 st/in. I'm going to lanolize them either way, and the kid will be wearing them in the middle of summer, if that's important. Is it necessary to felt them before I make the soakers? Thanks for your help.
Are these criticisms of your particular public school, or of schools in general?
The reason is that exposure to some diseases can harm a developing fetus, but would cause fewer problems with an infant. One example that springs to mind is rubella. Fetuses exposed to it can be born with cataracts, deafness, and developmental disabilities, but in infants it causes a rash and fever.
Please get familiar with your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, too. If your creditors are behaving abusively or illegally, complain to the FTC or NACA.
Oh Sally, I really hope you're able to give birth the way you want to. Your original plan sounded pretty flexible and workable to me. Hopefully your DH will come around by June.
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