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older dd napped in my lap or in the carrier til she was 10 months for every single nap as she was rather high needs and this worked the best for us. after that i nursed her to sleep on the bed then was able to sneak out for a bit. now with the little one here, we all take an afternoon nap together and younger dd often naps in the sling or wrap. carriers are a lifesaver! i love holding my sleeping girls... they are tiny for such a short time.
Me! 41w6d today. Has got to be soon but I am sooo ready. DD was a stinker and stayed put til 42w4d so this babe is looking to be close to the same. I can't wait to meet my baby!! :
It was nice to read this thread and know I am not alone. I am 41w3d now and know it will be sometime soon... but now would be good too. I went 42w4d with DD so I pretty much figured this one would want to bake extra long too. Just waiting, sometimes patiently... sometimes not so patiently.
I think they are toally appropriate, especially if the babies are more than a couple years apart. That said, we don't need a whole lot for this babe and I will be happy either way. If family/friends throw us a shower then great, if not, then I won't cry... much.
Hell no. I do not believe babies are born needing to have any part of their body removed.
knittinghelp.com Fabulous videos and shows both styles. I knit mostly continental but can throw too when the mood stikes me or for certain techniques. It is soooo much faster and relaxing for me to knit continental.
We will wait til birth to find out. We waited with our DD too and it was suspenseful but in a totally good way. I had a feeling all through pregnancy that she was a girl though so it wasn't really a surprise. I've got boy feelings with this one so we shall see!
Tons of info for sewing your own. http://www.diaperjungle.com/sewing-cloth-diapers.html
http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=351606 Her nipple and diaper balms are amazing.... and organic.
42w4d- 8 lbs
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