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Kelty frame carriers are THE BEST!! We have 2 because we used to hike a lot prior to moving to HHI. They distribute the weight pretty evenly and are comfortable for miles and miles!
Wow! I'm still amazed at how grown up our babies all are!! So adorable!! Camden has just cut his first tooth! He's sitting, and turning himself all around, unintentionally falling over (maybe?) and then pushing backwards on his belly away from what he's trying to get LOL. He says mama and dada every time he's sees us or wants to be picked up and can say bye bye and sorta've wave. I'm not complaining at the lack of going places because we still need a gate for our steps.
Babysmurf, sounds exciting to me!! My SIL had one in May 2012 then one in May 2013 now she's having one in October 2014. With each her GD has gotten significantly worse too and she's not one to listen to the dos and donts of GD.
Camden would barely eat when I was doing mushy foods so we skipped solids until just after 8 months and decided to give it another go. He will not eat anything mush and preferred soft solids. So he eats PB&J when my big kids do, grill cheese, chicken & broccoli, spaghetti, eggs, potato, just what ever I'm making
Subbing and cheering you all on!! Hugging you mama, Adie ❤️
The weather here has fluctuated from freezing to hot and literally every day. 25 one day and 80 two days later. On those cold days Camden stays in his pjs too. I just hate putting on layers to keep him warm so we do fleece pjs. We typically keep ours at 67 downstairs and 65 upstairs during the day and at night it's 68 upstairs.
Camden has been doing better with foods but we don't do them every day. Tonight I made gluten free pancakes with syrup, sausage links, and strawberry slices for dinner. He didn't do strawberries (are those still a no-no for babes?) but had some tiny bites of sausage and pancakes in syrup. He LOVED this!!
Well I hope for all of our sakes that all our families are in the mend!
T-shirt ppl LOL! Camden is recovering from pneumonia as we speak and I have one recovering from flu, and one fifth disease and several strep. This had be an awful winter!!! My flu kid had 104.6 fever at one point and for 24 hours was over 103 with med dosing continually. My neighbors are surgeon and pedi Dr's and I just happen to see one outside and called him over. Just wanted to ask about high fevers and he volunteered to come check her out. Said flu and keep her...
Camden is recovering from pneumonia so he had an appt this week. He'll be 8m on Feb 12 😘 17.05 lbs he rolls back to tummy constantly but tummy to back rarely. He can sit and turn in a circle when on his tummy and push backwards some. He's trying to push up to all 4's, no teeth yet.
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