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Camden 11 weeks old, he's close to 13 pounds I'm sure!! He's thick and sooo long and we've even got some 3-6m onesies that are just about too small ❤❤❤
Love love seeing all your babies ❤❤❤
OMG how cute are these two littles !! How wonderful that you guys are friends IRL too
Camden went on a poop hiatus and skipped 4-5 days between poops. He did this several times (totally normal) and when he finally did it was a LOT!! During this time he was extremely gassy/stinky though. He seems to be back to pooping with every diaper change again as of 3-4 days ago.
I'm damn near 11 weeks and still leak. I wear nursing pads 24/7
I know, so sweet!! Shanna, Berkley is adorable and looks just like you!!
. And just now he's started losing at that beautiful dark hair he was born with.
. Here's Camden about a week ago
Kitteh, I did P90x abs last year. You don't have to do the entire video but start out slow only doing a few minutes the build your way up . I really liked it and felt like it worked great!!
We had an athletic club meet and greet last night at mt dayghter's high school (yes, I just said it OMG!! So hard to believe we have a high schooler and a newborn!!!). And Camden got a good nap in then he slept 6.5 hours at bedtime . Hopefully we get some good continued sleep now!
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