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Tops top on Etsy has some as low as $140. I'm getting one just struggling to decide which color/material I should get. Any suggestions??
Anyone know where baby T-Rex and mama are? Would love to hear from them.
I wanted to tell you how I swaddle Camden up. I bought some swaddle blankets from Etsy same material as Aaden & Anais but at 5:23a can't for the life of me remember what that is LOL. In a regular swaddle I can't buckle him into the swing/bouncer thing so I took the Etsy purchase and cut it in half and wrap him arms at sides, like a burrito so his legs are exposed and I can buckle him in. Of course my A&A is out because it's way too nice to cut HA. he does manage to wriggle...
Camden is either having a growth spurt, cutting teeth, or sick like the rest of us and has been pretty grumpy. This is what he did while watching me make dinner 2 nights ago.
I'm sure you all will think I'm completely insane BUT at 5 months old Camden still sleeps swaddled up and in the bouncey chair/swing combo. His reflux is AWFUL even without dairy in my diet and keeping him at an angle is the only way to keep food down while sleeping ): not sure how we'll ever break this habit. Oh well (:
Love the sleeping baby bum ❤️ And Amelia, OMG, how funny and adorable at the same time!! Bumkins, Trilly looks like a big girl so grown up and ready for what's next (: Quest is like, hey I know that Welcome back, Ethan And Crystal Marie, Genevieve is adorable
I have to force myself to eat most days and if I wait too long I get this headache that just won't quit ): and my milk seems to have decreased.
Holy cow, Berkeley looks SO grown up. He makes Camden look like a newborn. C could never sit in a seat like that. I wonder if his age should be adjusted since they considered him premature?? He was 36w4d but c section so he wasn't "ready" to come out. Hmm he seems much slower than all your babies
Camden typically only poops every 4-5 days, Voondrop. Pretty sure Leora is completely normal (:
I forgot to mention, this made me laugh even at my 5a feed LMAOQuick question for you all?! I got rid of my Ergo. Camden rode in it once, at the beach, and his legs and feet were purple ): so I'm in need of a new carrier. I'm not really looking for a wrap but wondered if a MTCW would work, what's the difference in them and regular mei tai, and what fabric is good? Topa top in etsy has some really beautiful ones!! Also, what's the deal with the ring sling? Anyone love...
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