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So I'm thinking of getting a new carrier. I only have 1 WAHM made mei tai currently (: and I want some opinions. I don't want a wrap with tons of extra fabric but am wondering about a MTCW, but can you tell me what it is, what fabric I should look for and average cost? I've been looking at Topa Top on etsy and she has some beautiful ones for sure!! What about ring slings? I wasn't a fan in the past but the girl that made it left enough fabric that it touched the ground...
Oh my, how sweet are those boys!!
At night Camden will not go to sleep unless we are in bed nursing with dim lights. I've tried getting pj's on and nursing in the living room during family game night and he just will not have it.
Oh and he has short legs so the 6 month pants don't really fit but the onesies are good because his torso is long like daddy's.
It actually caught me off guard that he was only in the 30th % because he seemed so big to me. People always comment about him "never missing a meal" and things suggesting he's a big boy but since I don't take him in there's really no way to know. I'm afraid someone at the Dr will be sick and he'll get it. I'm also avoiding the dreaded "he needs shots to stay healthy" comments. The PA he saw for his 2 month we'll check (at 3 months) said she was ok sdelaying shots for that...
Spotty, my previous 5 children were exactly the same. They were never high on the charts and my last 2 were around the 5th % most of their younger days. After they started solids the % increased a bit though. I haven't had Camden weighed since 3 months maybe so I have no clue where he is now but he was in the 30th % then for weight and 35th for height. He's wearing 3-6 month clothing and will be 5 months tomorrow.
I have a throbbing/aching feeling afterwards too now that I think about it anyone seeing aGYN for this problem? I loathe doctors (for illness or well checks not them personally) and haven't been in for any kind of postpartum check up. My neighbors are pediatrician and internal medicine ... To bad it would be SUPER awkward to walk over and be like "so about my vagina" LOL I do feel like the burning or tiny cuts sensation is from lack of personal moisture even though we use...
JNajlia, that is WONDERFUL news!! I actually found a list of work at home (legit) jobs where nurses can be part of an "on call health help line" and make pretty good income. Glad you found something! Spotty, what a crazy month, huh?! So glad he found something and your DC job allows telecommuting I did my training for Xerox in Leesberg in 2008 then worked from home for a while after training. It was nice. And a family daycare you can trust is amazing.
We've always used coconut oil but it may be time for something better. Lube lube lube lube. Haha Kitteh
Hmm, I don't think I have PPD, I had it after our last daughter then Oliver passed away, now Camden. I wonder if it's just a lack of lubrication from breastfeeding? I also recently had mastitis after dealing with very sick kids and hubby for a month. I've been super wiped out
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