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So sorry to hear this mama, my heart goes out to you!! Stress can definitely cause mastitis so nurse often. I used Zoloft after our 3 year old came to help with PPD and fenugreek to help with supply.
LOL this made me laugh!! She's ready to eat any nose that gets in her way Camden might be teething too?! He's drooling constantly and spit bubbles come out all the time and everything goes into his mouth, even his toes.
LOL I do that sometimes too
Camden is ready for bed by 8p. None if my others did this NONE!! I nurse him in the dark then wrap him up tight and put him down. No idea how this works!! He wakes around 4:30-5a to nurse and I put him right back down until I have to wake him to get my boys off to school.
Aww!! He's so sweet!! Camden has no desire to lay on his tummy or hold his head up when doing tummy time. Oh well, in time!!!
What a great story to tell!!
I meant let THEM sleep, not me LOL. also, since they aren't newborns anymore they will let you know when they're ready to eat. I mean, Griffin isn't going to sleep long enough to let himself starve is all I'm saying and even if it's 5, 6, or 8 hours he'll wake you when he gets hungry BUT we were all first time moms once and have most likely been there.
Oh my, he is PRECIOUS!!!
Oh, awesome, thank you!! babies #5 & 6
Ah, we were in the car driving to Disney World and I started having some intense sharp pain and thought OMG I bet there's a baby implanting. 3 days later I tested and there was a very faint line. I had to wait until we were home from Disney. During those 3 days I was super bloated and my shorts were hurting my stomach. CRAZY!! Now DH is visiting the urologist on Wed to schedule his vasectomy
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