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Camden wears his around his wrist because I wasn't comfortable with it around his neck right now. Lilah has had hers on since she was 10 months old
Yes!!! Camden too!! He's constantly trying to stick his fingers in WHILE nursing and so drool-y and chewing his hands, bib, blanket, burp rag etc. and I haven't made anything yet to freeze maybe I'll start in the next few weeks so we have a stash
I didn't read all of this but wanted to share. I started WE on line points program when DD was 8 months old and BF. She was doing solids too obviously, but no other liquids. I lost 40lbs in 6 months on their plan and LOVED it. So easy to do, you can track and scan everything from a smart phone and it's safe, oh and WORKS!!
I agree with Rainbow, I say let me sleep!! Maybe don't even wake to feed. They'll still wake on their own, feed then and put back to bed. The first time Camden fell asleep that early I wondered the same thing then decided waking him would be counter productive LOL he woke around 2p on his own, nursed, and I put him to bed again
The natural oils in the amber soak into the skin and act as an analgesic for teething or lots of discomforts. They were actually insteded for stomach relief and made for adults to wear and someone figured out they'd work for kids too they're not intended for chewing just for looks and skin contact. Camden's is on his wrist for now until I feel more comfortable with it around his neck.
Camden usually stays awake for 2.5-3 hours then naps for 1-2 hours rinse then repeat HA! He even naps as late as 6p some days and will still be ready for bed around 8:30p. If I miss his cues though and we aren't settled in my room to at least get the routine going he is DEVASTATED!!
I ordered mine on eBay directly from Lithuania where Amber is grown/harvested from it's naturally grown habitat. But you can google and order it from lots of stores. Etsy and some others. My 3.5 year old has had hers on since around 10 months old. We used to take it off at night but stopped doing that just after a year old.
Coco, do you have an amber teething necklace? Camden has one and wears it as a bracelet currently. It helps with all kinds of discomforts not just teething.
I would say add a blanket of some kind but it could be left in the car. Car seats are not made to have baby in WITH a jacket on. So you should have something to put on top of baby after being buckled, just in case
I was going to suggest the same thing as Kalista. If Camden sleeps well during the day he seems to sleep better at night. If we are in the car he sleeps on his own if we're at home I have to swaddle him up for a good nap during the day. We were having the same problems every night from about 830 to 1030, but since he sleeps better during the day and I start his routine between 730 and 8 PM he's doing a lot better. I also discovered that eating tomatoes and peppers causes...
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