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Hi we are new to school this year and I have offered to do a Chanukah program for my K and first graders class. They are the only Chanukah celebrators in the primary building?! Here is what I was thinking: very short Chanukah explanation read a book-which would you pick? play dreidel- I have enough to give each child a dreidel and instructions to take home eat latkes light the menorah I would love a craft idea- any suggestions? Feedback please!
My kids school is having a movie night and showing Kung Fu Panda. My 5 and 7 yo have very limited tv and movie experience- Curious George, Real Life Construction Machines, that type of thing. They really want to go and hang out with their friends, eat popcorn and see the movie. What is Kung Fu Panda about? Anyone think it's scary? Loaded with mainstream cultural stereotypes? Thanks!
Riverscout you do think like my dp, she too thinks extras are just more to break, I however covet them! At this point the only difference for me between the odyssey and the Sienna is the ground clearance! The Sienna has an extra inch which could make a difference on our snowy dirt driveway. Inching closer to a decision, thanks so much for all you input.
Wow, thanks for all the responses. I just looked at a 2006 odyssey ex with 27000 milles for $18000, it's tempting to spend $8,000 less than for a new stripped down lx. My dp is of the mind that vehicles last 10 years no matter what and why not buy new and get the best years of the car's life: Purchase price : $18,000 @8 years= $2,250/year $24,000@10 years=$2,400/year What do you think of this logic?!
We need to buy a new vehicle and after many years of owning and loving station wagons we are making the minivan leap! 2 kids, friends and gear= minivan! Any advice/experiences/opinions are appreciated!
Sent, thanks to all who replied. Both my guys have outgrown a My Mommies Rule tshirt, the tag is cut out but I would call it a size 2/4t-ish. It's purple and apprears stainfree (!), happy to send it to anyone who may be interested, pm me your address
I second the idea of having your kiddo try them out at a store. Both my guys were 2 wheelers at 3 but my nephew is a 3 wheeler at 5.
thanks so much for your responses. The solid color makes me nervous, it seems like a dark busy pattern on a non cottony fabric would hide more! One website I looked at said that if you clean with water and then don't completely dry the fabric it gets water stains and hard and shiny, any one have that expereince?
Need ideas of an 8th grader and a 12th grader, both have everything they "need" but wondering if there is some clever rite of passage idea. I can only come up with savings bonds! Thanks
I am about to buy a bunch of furniture for a shelter I run and I am tempted by the microfiber claims that it doesn't stain. I can imagine a particular stain coming out but I am wondering if it gets "grimy"? The solid color makes me nervous, does it look dingy? Anyone have any real life experience? thanks!
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