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i was a foster parent to a child who wore a brace with a bar between. i never wore him but i have worn both of my children and own a pikkolo. i am sure you would be able to do ff, maybe tummy to tummy and back carry if you cinche the crotch. you would not have to put on or remove the brace because the pikkolo has buckles and they would pass threw the crotch witht he braces on.  
5ml per laod. i always used dawn on my CD.
this was the set up for both of mine with the addition of a 4 year old when my youngest was born. baby slept by the wall or inbetween. the bed next to the wall was a halfdead :lol not new stuff bear (this prevented anyone from hitting their head on the wall), 3 pillows in the bed (2 downfilled & 1 memory foam), sheet and a downfilled blanket year round.
thank you so amazing
my son is 4.5 and still is non-retractable. he also has a tight forskin. this is normal. with the accidents that could be a food/enviormental allergy.  my son has both but when he eats something that bothers him he will pee the bed or have a accident. i wouldnt worry that much about it. it could be just part of him being sick. 100% he does not need a circ because of this. there seems not to be a problem with him actually peeing and no infection but something else is...
i want to expose my dc (8&4) to cp. seems like i am having a hard time finding anyone with it.
i always wore my dc and then had a backpack on. my backpack is big, padded & amazing. the thing i like about it is that the straps you can loosen them and then pull them tight once on. this i find very important when i have a baby on the front. i do have a stroller that was a hand me down a very old prego (:lol it looks in mint condition because it sits in the closet 99% of the time) it has a flip handle so the baby faces me. i didnt use it very often but when i did i...
ds is 4 with no problems
4y4m not retracting. not even a little bit he has separated but his sphincter is still tight and still very much as it was at birth.
ok when i hit #1 i was :lol for real i cant believe the stuff they come up with. out of every reason i have ever heard that has to be the worst. it even passed the prevents ectopic pregnancy  . "1. Circumcision improves sexual function and creativity."  that is the biggest load of  i have ever heard
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