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  I'd bet she would if you asked.   She's given what I assume to be sworn testimony in front of the California Senate about what happened to her son.         Testimony Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder & President National Vaccine Information Center California Senate Committee on Health and Human Services “Childhood Immunization Mandates: Politics vs. Public Health" January 23, 2002
  Of course they don't have to share any personal information with the media.   But if they're going to go on that media in addition to creating a website claiming that vaccines would've saved their baby's life, then I want proof.    It's not asking a lot: was she tested or not?
  Well that's not exactly true. If after reviewing all the information more and more people decide against vaccines, there go the vaccine profits. ;-)
Thanks for posting Emmy.    I had no idea that most of the Scandinavian countries with socialized medicine require so few vaccines (12) as compared to the U.S. (26). Neither does Japan (12). It appears that they are able to achieve good health without having to give so many vaccines (although I admit that there are a lot of other factors that are probably responsible besides lack of vaccines the U.S. considers "necessary"). 
  I've seen her speak too.. She's the daughter of a nurse and I believe has other medical professionals in her family; this is why she was so shocked when her son developed convulsions and brain inflammation within hours of his fourth DPT shot.   Barbara is a very powerful speaker due to her personal experiences with him.
Seeing as they use the "babies too young to be vaccinated die of pertussis so every single person near a baby must be vaccinated!!!!" ploy to get people to vaccinate, yes it ought to be revealed if said babies in fact did die of pertussis.    But I'm sure most people are just so shocked (as well as they should) that a baby has died that it's hard for them to think about tests. So I'm glad that she brought that up, even though they ignored her. 
  I saw that too.   It seems like if one had been done and it was positive, they'd be throwing it in her face. The fact that they ignored this question makes me suspicious. 
  Yes, she will be "required" to get $350 worth of vaccines. But it's about health not profits! 
If anyone has an experience with getting a waiver, I'd love to hear your story! 
Someone I know is about to immigrate to the US, and was told to be prepared to receive a buttload of "required" vaccines in order to do so.    I was asked to look this up in English to see the particulars of the requirements.   I found that that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website has a Vaccine Requirements page.   Toward the bottom of this page under the Questions and Answers section there's this one:        You just have to tell the civil surgeon you...
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