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  It's definitely a trend, and it may be for the long-term.   The Internet making information instantly available has been a game-changer, so the tactics of persuasion will have to change.   In the past all the "authorities" had to do was use fear-mongering and shaming to keep people in the herd.    That's not working anymore now that people are finding that there's plenty of ways to stay healthy without vaccines.     Well I'd be scared too if the main thing I was relying...
Looks interesting but I'll have to take a closer look later. My dd is finally awake. 
I think the recent bout of troll-ish activity is actually a good sign. It means the desire and search for alternatives to pharma-culture and justifiable doubt and skepticism toward this money-driven system is reaching the majority to the point of changing public opinion and thus threatening profits. No wonder the shills are out in droves all over the Internet! But the system is untenable; the shot and pill-pushing MD has no clothes and now confronts the crowd in broad...
Please come. The water's fine! ;-)
I think until this all gets sorted out and the forum gets a new dedicated moderator, I'll just chill at home with my big girl panties lol.   I've got lots of presents to wrap and parties to go to and cookies to bake anyway. I'll take a peek from time to time and see how the henhouse is doing. I'll also check my PMs too for any new messages but that's about it. 
  Yes. I don't know how any of them can live with themselves when virtually nothing they do helps people with myriad chronic health problems besides giving some kind of drug with "side" effects that can be just as bad as the problem.     Cooky? Mmmm sounds tasty. 
  So why do you go there and read things then? I don't understand. 
  So unethical that it cured his patients?          It was good enough for the medical journal, and good enough for him to talk about it at an AMA meeting.   In any case the vitamin C worked, and with no "side" effects. Unlike vaccines. 
  It's a good site, isn't it? But my link came from a New Zealand t.v. station's site. I guess it was such an incredible story about the "wonders" of pharma-driven hospitals that even  the mainstream media there couldn't ignore it.   ETA: Alan Smith's story was shown on New Zealand's 60 Minutes show.
  I know! I don't either when I consider that Alan Smith's family had to almost sue the hospital in order for him to be treated with IV vitamin C. His doctors had decided to pull the plug on his life support (he was in a coma).   And somehow his leukemia was gone too by the end of the treatment.
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