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I feel sorry for kids whose sole protection from disease is from vaccines with waning immunity. And I wonder how many of them "need" boosters before the recommended time. Ironically I think I caught whooping cough as an adult in the 90s, but haven't had a cough like that since then and neither has my unvaccinated dd. I think one of the reasons may be because she never went to daycare and neither did my friends' kids. She wasn't exposed to a group setting until she was...
  It's time to fire back. Vote with your feet and dollars! Don't give your time and money to doctors like this. They'll change their tune once their pocketbooks are affected.   
  I often see pro-vax people saying this in the comments section of vaccine articles. Then if someone points out that they are still in some vaccines, they change their tune and say well it's not harmful anyway.        Yes, although I think the justifiable distrust has only started ramping up lately due to the Internet, despite all the past problems with vaccines (like SV40 contamination). 
Of course most of them are going to say this. They only have a few tools at their disposal, vaccines being one of them. I advise people to find local like-minded people and ask who the good doctors are. I'm a member of a local natural parenting Yahoo group which keeps a good doctor list that is updated frequently. It also has comments about the bad ones so you can avoid wasting your time and money. Vote with your dollars!
I wonder how many are opting for the thimerosal-free ones? I couldn't find anything.
I imagine the best ones are fully informed on forum derailing.
I have no qualms with science, but it seems like nowadays it's for sale to industries with lots of $$.
That's horrible, but on the other hand it means that these kinds of pages are powerful and effective in showing people the real consequences of adverse vaccine reactions.    Up until recently you used to see old pictures of children with complications from measles or polio. Now thanks to social media we can see the other side, which is just as heart-breaking.   I notice one of the techniques some of the them use is to post and then delete their comments so...
  It seems like a lot of forums have these shills. They now go on many different ones in order to monitor what people are saying about certain products or things like GMOs that require a lot of PR in managing public opinion.    I guess it's inevitable considering how many people are now looking to the Internet for information rather than the mainstream media.   There are good articles such as "Twenty-five Rules of Disinformation" and "Seventeen Techniques for Truth...
  Not so well; I over-react and cry out like a baby. So it's no surprise I have a needle phobia.    And I hope to god I never have any puncture wounds that go into my fatty tissue like some vaccines. Or the need for IV vitamin C.   I found an article about this by an MD.   Injection Technique       The main purpose of the skin is to keep things out. 
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