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  It seems like a small amount wouldn't be a big deal, but I will never be comfortable with injecting foreign particles through my skin. *Shudder*
Okay sounds good; thanks for the tip. :-)
But is what's produced naturally by the body the same as having it injected?
We very rarely see doctors. I tried to go to a couple of "well" baby visits, but after one pedi told me I was spoiling my 4 m.o. dd because I had never given her a bottle, I pretty much gave up.    I also had a suck-y experience when she had some minor reactions to food. I thought they warranted some testing, but the pedi said to "watch and wait" (He actually was right; they went away. But I wasn't very reassured at the time).   After that I only took her to the doctor...
I just bought some on a whim, but don't really know how to use it.   I saw that Cheeseslave posted a recipe using it with rice flour (which I also bought) to make pancakes; can I use these two ingredients to substitute for wheat in recipes, especially baking ones?
If I shut up, is there a chance I could be invited to a pharma-paid steak dinner? I could sure use one sometimes. I'm a pretty cheap date; I don't drink alcohol.  ;-)
These are great responses.   I myself don't broadcast that we're unvaccinated (whole family) to people, especially if I know they do. Luckily my dd's school has a mixed population of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, so people aren't likely to even bring the subject up.   No matter what, just know that you're doing the right thing. People often don't want to argue with you if you're confident in your choices.    But I can see how it's a touchy subject....
Doctors were perfectly happy with prescribing me antibiotics and Pyridium every six months, and me being young and not knowing any better, took them.    I can't blame them for giving me the only treatment they could with their limited knowledge; but I am glad that I learned about other alternatives.   I'm pretty sure this is also the kind of thing Dr. Tenpenny is talking about. UTIs are pretty common in young women.
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