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  Well there goes my wish to directly participate. I'll just send some money then.
  I don't think it's about converting anti-vax people, but to influence those who are re-thinking their pro-vax position or who are on the fence about vaccinating.    MDC and social media sites like Facebook are great places for the minority to influence the majority. This is a problem for companies that want to keep people buying their products, whether it's vaccines or gmo-containing foods.   Witness the PR disaster that happened to Cheerios recently:   Cheerios’...
How else are they going to easily find unvaccinated children? Seeing as Merck & co. probably won't pony up any $$, since they don't make very much money and all. 
Ugh, I've heard about that happening before. Which is why it's wise for parents to make sure and not take anyone's word. I hope she was just ignorant and not purposefully lying about a serious thing. 
So if an infant has a reaction after receiving multiple vaccines, how do they determine which one(s) is/are the culprit? 
  Thank you for the reminder. I keep forgetting about this.        According to a study done on HEALTHY infants, thimerosal is excreted in the blood in about 3.5 days.    I don't know if I'd want my healthy infant to have it knocking around in her system for even that long, though. 
  Did you have to ask for it?
  Why is this even legal?
I don't think it's strictly limited to homeschoolers. It will just be easier to find unvaccinated children through homeschooling organizations and their grapevines. I wouldn't mind participating even though my dd goes to a public school.    It sure would be nice for Congress to help fund it, since supposedly it cares about the autism epidemic. 
  As far as I'm concerned, that's fifteen bucks too many. I'm glad that some medical students and doctors with integrity also think so:         It's too bad if she felt that way, but on the bright side taking vitamins and herbs as commonly recommended won't kill you like Vioxx, give you liver damage like Vicodin and Percoset and many others, cause you to temporarily forget who you are and where you are like Lipitor, damage your children's reproductive organs like DES,...
New Posts  All Forums: