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  I've also noticed it always does so. 
  2009 isn't that long ago. And it's only a voluntary ban.          Yes. It certainly has undermined doctors' credibility in my eyes the times I've seen this junk in their offices.   So much so that I've paid out-of-pocket to see holistic doctors rather than use my insurance to cover the mediocre ones.   It's a good thing I had the money to do it. I feel sorry for people who don't have a choice. 
I wonder if he was a pharmacist and not a doctor? I was just at Costco, and noticed that the pharmacists there can give the flu vaccine. 
I've taken it on and off for years. There was a stressful time a couple of years ago when I was getting a regular toothache, so I would take a tablespoon dose several times a day. It did help that, but the taste is so awful I stop taking it for months at a time.   I buy mine through a local co-op. We buy them wholesale by the case, so it only costs about $20~$25 per bottle. 
I've taken Custom Probiotics and even prescription-strength VLS#3. Didn't really notice a difference except an emptier wallet, ha ha.    I think home-made kefir and yogurt taken daily are probably just as good.
I hope so, if doctors don't even know about VAERS. 
Terry, her husband and her doctors.
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