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  Sorry but not  many people who have had their vaccine reaction go unreported have been on CNN!   But right there was a whole cluster of medical "professionals" who didn't have a clue. It's not reassuring.
  A few weeks ago I took an elderly friend of mine who doesn't drive to run errands and go to CVS Pharmacy to get a flu vaccine and the doctor didn't hand her anything to look at; he just asked if she'd like the "super-strength" version or whatever it's called that they now recommend for the elderly.    I wonder if they give it out only if you ask for it?   (BTW I don't think she should've gotten it but 1) she didn't ask for my opinion and it's a sore point already with...
I'm glad at the end he points out:           I'm waiting for the day those studies come out! 
D'oh! That's what I get for using the search function in Chrome. I just didn't want to wade through all the comments.    But I agree with another comment that points out she's in a difficult position with all of this.
I hope you're right! But I was blown away when Hannah Poling's mother (formerly a nurse, married to a doctor) admitted neither she nor her doctors (nor her husband, I assume) knew what VAERS was in a CNN press conference.       Family of Girl in Autism Vaccine Case Holds News Conference
  Yes.   It's like comparing David to Goliath. 
  This is why I try to encourage people on other boards and Facebook to report reactions, as most people and doctors don't even know about VAERS. It's such a joke! 
  Hello and welcome!   You're fortunate that your dd was able to get chicken pox so recently. People in my local natural parenting group are getting desperate to expose their kids without much luck.   My dd got it a few years ago. It was uncomfortable but she came through it fine as well.   The worst thing about that time period was getting hysterical group emails from a mother of a kid in her class who works for Sanofi and sent a link to a YouTube video showing someone...
It should probably be fine if it was stored in a cool dark place.   I forgot to mention The Mood Cure book. It has a lot of diet and supplement recommendations.
Thanks for the heads up Storm Bride. It's a good thing I've developed a thick skin after being on a lot of male-dominated boards that are barely moderated. ;-)  
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