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 That's a surprisingly clear-headed move considering there have been ZERO cases of rabies in humans in North Carolina from 1995-2011 and only 411 total animal cases (mostly wild) in 2010. See these pages from the CDC:Cases of Rabies in Human Beings in the United States, by Circumstances of Exposure and Rabies Virus Variant, 1995-2011(Note that three people survived rabies exposure, and that many of the exposures happened outside the U.S.) Rabies surveillance in the United...
I'm afraid this study ultimately will be used as a justification to create laws that will force people to get vaccinations (since the few that  reject all of them won't listen to "reason").   There appears to be a plan:   1)  Tighten then eliminate philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions for children. Make it so only medical exemptions are accepted, but also next-to-impossible to obtain.   2) Force (adult) doctors, nurses, and daycare workers to get vaccines...
 GOOD! If she gets browbeaten by some medical "professional" and starts to waiver, be sure to tell her my mom's story. Mother's flu vaccine reaction My mother is also an elderly long-time smoker, but she was in fine health until these pharma pill pushers got her on multiple meds. 
 It sure seems like it! The .3% they can dismiss and portray as crazy, but the delayers and the selective vaccinators aren't as easy to do that to. In my experience the people I know who do that have the hardest time with doctors, school, etc.  It appears the end goal is 100% acceptance of every single vaccine and every single schedule change the  AAP puts out. 
 Yes the perennial questions of the ignorant, the scared, the bullied. It takes a lot to go against public opinion, especially if you have a baby. So I'm glad when I see celebrities having the courage to go against the wolves when it comes to vaccinations, because i know they have a lot to lose.
 It appears that so far vaccinations and magic fluoride water aren't making much of a dent in poor kids' health. 
 Exactly, which is why I wonder if there's some kind of (sinister?) agenda in this push to vaccinate, when more than 99% of people vaccinate their kids as it is. Why are "they" threatened by the .3%? 
Kathymuggle's post on another thread made me think about this issue again. Children 0~14 years old make up only 20% of the U.S. population. Quote:Originally Posted by kathymuggle   With 50% plus of adults undervaccinated and certain vaccines (flu, pertussis, mumps perhaps…) quite ineffective?  I don't think so.  I think discussion around herd immunity and diseases are so disease and vaccine specific that painting with broad strokes is inappropriate....
The last few comments make me think of this meme:  
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