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Thanks for that Mirzam! :-)
 I wouldn't be surprised if some form of Mockingbird is still operational.
 I wonder why homeopathy is so much more popular with European doctors than it is with American ones, even though we used to have a lot of homeopathic hospitals at one time? I read its declining popularity was due to  A.M.A. influence, but haven't researched about it in-depth.
 Whenever I see a news story that gets picked up and regurgitated practically word-for-word with all the major mainstream media outlets, I can practically smell the agenda-pushing going on behind the scenes. Looks like pro-vaccine organizations have taken a page from Operation Mockingbird's playbook on how to create a media echo chamber for their favorite talking points. This recently happened with news stories highlighting the increase in liver damage from taking...
Hey Taximom5, I just wanted to thank you for the Amy Parker hit piece deconstruction, and express my wonder at the fact this one thread has garnered over 55,000 views! Good work.
 OMG you just reminded me that I've been failing as a cult member! I have not read anything Jenny has said in months, and never watched a single interview. Oh gosh, I hope I don't get kicked out. 
 But but we are just a cult of misguided wrong-headed women...who can't think clearly because we're swayed by Mercola and fueled by sugar pills. 
 I hardly call us.3% a movement! But apparently small as our numbers are they are afraid of our influence. As they should be. Never underestimate the power of a pissed-off self-educated mother! A group of us coming together on the interwebs is their worst nightmare realized. ;-)
 How convenient, right?  
 Exactly. But I have never heard of a story like that. In my local group of crunchy non-vaccinating moms, the worst I've heard is a lingering cough due to pertussis or the flu. Not all the kids are extremely healthy, but no one has been hospitalized or had serious problems due to catching a vaccine available disease (love that term instead of the silly arrogant "vaccine preventable disease").  Now this is something I have heard of a lot: mothers who stopped vaccinating...
New Posts  All Forums: