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  That's a good one.
  I agree, but the times I've posted this argument  (on other forums) pro-vaxxers always harp on how "irresponsible" it is not wanting to belong to and help the herd.    And how even if you're healthy you can still be a "carrier" of diseases. It's so annoying.    Didn't the Canary Party or someone similar post an article that had a graph with all the common pro-vax arguments and the possible rebuttals that can be used? If not it sure would be nice to have one for reference. 
Hi there! Have you searched online to see if there's any like-minded communities in your area? It's nice to have support from people in real life, although a lot of the people on this forum are wonderful for support too.
  I agree with most of this; however I believe that life IS inherently safe.   A healthy well-nourished person can be exposed to pertussis and be fine. I've had it only when I was eating SAD and not taking supplements. Ever since I started taking responsibility for my health I've gotten minor things like colds but no flu or even shingles when dd had the chicken pox.          It sure wouldn't cause me to think that. However, I have to admit it was a little scary when dd...
Child Care Workers Targeted for Vaccine Mandates         NVIC’s Director of Advocacy Dawn Richardson commented on how vaccine mandates are creeping into the workplace more and more.   Notice how they're starting to target a mostly women's profession which tends to have low pay. Child care workers are probably less likely to protest getting vaccines if it means they'll lose their jobs.   Next up is any kind of job that has any kind of contact with children, especially...
They have good Facebook posts. I read them almost every day.    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vermont-Coalition-for-Vaccine-Choice/380959335251497
It's interesting that the report is coming out now that the Vaccine Court's recent multi-million dollar rulings are getting publicity.
I was just going to post that HuffPo article. Still digesting all the information. Tragic. :(
See if you can find a copy of The Mood Cure at your local library. The tanning salon will probably help a lot though. 
I am also spiritual but not religious. I feel there has been a benevolent invisible force that's led me to certain information I need, and not just health-related. The longer I live the less I fear things which is nice as I used to be really scared about getting sick especially getting cancer.          I find it morally questionable too. 
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