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    Oh no, you said the problem-that-can't-be-mentioned! Every time it is, dollars fly away from Big Pharma.    It just makes me wonder what other types of unknown genetic problems can be aggravated by vaccines. 
  I didn't even think about that. Good point! 
I'm really worried about #10, especially after the shenanigans that were pulled with the man-bird-pig flu (H1N1). (Wish I could link to the humorous Urban Dictionary definiton, but it is probably a UAV.)
In my case GPs have been more supportive.    My pediatricians were mostly supportive, even if they didn't agree with my decision not to vaccinate. But having dh there glowering in the corner like a bouncer while I talked may have had something to do with it. ;-)
The seeds were initially planted when I saw my first miserable crying baby who had just received vaccines, long before I met my current dh and even thought about having a family. As a child I'd had all the conventional doctor visits and vaccines. I got CP and the mumps which they didn't help with at all, and neither did my parents even though they tried to the best way they knew how.   When I got pregnant I did a lot of research online and found my local AP group, which...
I wish we had had better insurance and more money to see a doctor like the one I have now. But we had Kaiser, which seems to have the worst mainstream doctors, at least in our area.   I didn't like the idea of sitting in germ-filled waiting rooms either. I just got a bad feeling from the industrial-looking cookie cutter design with lovely fluorescent lights and no windows.    We did go to a few visits before we gave up. I got tired of being hassled about...
I was wondering what others who don't vaccinate think about this, especially now that some time has passed.
Like many of you I wish there were more things dd could be exposed to in order to strengthen her immune system. It seemed like she grew stronger and matured somehow after she got over CP.    But  kids are more likely to have things like asthma, eczema, allergies instead. In fact yesterday someone in one of her classes got an asthma attack. It was so scary and sudden it made the girl cry. The mom is mainstream so I suspect her kids are vaccinated.    Before I...
Thank you Steele, and welcome to MDC. :-)
  One experience that caused me to hesitate about vaccines long before I had my dd happened when an acquaintance I worked with had her baby vaccinated.   I happened to visit them at home shortly after it had been done. The poor little thing (I think she was six months old) had a swollen red spot on her thigh that looked painful and kept crying a lot.    But the mom didn't seem concerned at all. Her attitude really bothered me. It seemed like since doctors say that this is...
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