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Is it hard to use?
Quote: Originally Posted by vgnmama2keller But be careful if you are a veggie because many OJ's on the market are also fortified with vitamin D3 which is animal derived and can sometimes come from cow brains. I didn't know that was the source! Unfortunately, vitamin D3 is the better source of vitamin D, NOT the one commonly used in fortified soymilk, D2 (ergocalciferol). Quote: Animal meat, bones, fluids are high in...
One of the most important things you can do is to eliminate the junk foods that contain trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oils). According to Know Your Fats trans-fats: Lowers the amount of cream (volume) in milk from lactating females in all species studied, including humans, thus lowering the overall quantity available to the infant; Causes a dose response decrease in visual acuity in infants who are fed human milk with increasing levels of trans fatty acids, which...
My slight aversion to meat and food in general has its roots in childhood. My Japanese mother had no clue about making western foods, and because my father didn't like Japanese cooking, we had some horrible-tasting meals. One of my worst memories is when my mother would make steaks: they were always too well-done and TOUGH. After eating one of these meat pucks it would sit in my stomach like a lead weight. Another one was stuffed bell peppers. She would always overcook...
Quote: Originally Posted by Taedareth Is it supposed to taste like vinegar? Because mine doesn't. It tastes like beety saline solution. Yes, it should taste slightly sour, even after only a couple of days brewing at room temperature. It should be fizzing in the jar before you put it in the fridge. When I make mayo or fermented foods/drinks, I always use some brine from a previous fermentation, rather than whey.
My dd is crazy about ketchup, so I make my own. I sweeten it with stevia and some xylitol. It doesn't taste nearly as good as Heinz, but she doesn't know the difference yet!
Quote: Originally Posted by FiveLittleDucks Sure! Here's the basic recipe. I have made a few modifications to it, though. I use only fresh garlic (not garlic powder), and use about 6 or 7 cloves. I also use chicken broth/stock in place of the water. And I don't put in the pasta at the end, although I think it would taste good with it. Hope you love it. I usually serve it with mini pumpkin muffins or pita chips. Thanks! Sounds good.
Gosh I must be a freak, I LOVE the taste of beet kvass! I wonder if the PPs who don't like the flavor used enough salt? It doesn't taste as good without enough of it. Once you put the water and salt in with the chopped beets, taste the brine and make adjustments if it's too bland.
Quote: Originally Posted by kallyn Ok, I just tried a blended salad for the first time after reading this thread. Now I am sitting here typing with a bowl of suspicious-looking green goo next to my keyboard! Me too! Oh, it was SOOO good! I am hooked on it.
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