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I am trying to get a hold of some raw milk in NJ and I found this coop on the eatwild site. Has anyone had experience with them? Thanks It's UdderMilk . com Thanks!
Thanks all... I didn't even end up using anything, just kept an eye on it at changes and it looked better within hours.... maybe it was just a little scratch or something.
Hi all, My 12 month old son was playing with himself (as usual!) today. He manges to even do it with a diaper on, LOL. Anyway, when I went to change his diaper I noticed that the tip of his penis was bleeding a little bit. Is this normal? And, is there anything special I should do to take care of it while it is healing? I'm worried. Thanks!
Follow your gut on this one! The OB may never be on board but as you said you will only give birth a few times. It's up to you as the one giving birth. I have had a hospital birth and a homebirth (both with midwives) and I am really glad I decided to have a HB for #2. If your DH is not on board educate him till he is! Good luck! : p.s. Have you looked into getting an in network exception on your insurance? It took some legwork but I got my insurance to cover it 100%.
Mine did not do any routine checks. No reason for it IMO unless you are very curious, but even then it is not a predictor of when you will go into labor.
Thanks, that's what I was wondering.
I would think so, but the state is not always logical when it comes to these things! I am also considering selectively vaxing DS after he is 2 and I am curious how much of an issue it will be.
My DD was partially vaccinated until the age of 9 months. At that point we decided to delay doing any more vaxes indefinitely. my question is, will we have trouble getting a religious exemption for her if we want to send her to public school in the future, since she had some vaxes? Can you get one if you do some vaxes and not others? I'm in NJ if that matters. Thanks!
Congrats! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your babymoon! :
anecdotal here too.... first pregnancy I gained 60 lb. and she was 7 lb. 4 oz. (40 weeks 2 days) second pregnancy I gained 25 lb. and he was 8 lb. 7 oz. (41 weeks 2 days) I did follow a more nutritious diet with #2. More high quality protein and less sweets/carbs. FWIW almost everyone I know, had a second baby that is bigger than the first was, if the dates are around the same time.
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