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ImprovingBirth.org's National Rally for Change is huge! We have over 75 cities participating all over the country! I'm the coordinator for the rally in Charlotte, NC and I need you local mommies and families to come out and show your support. Our mission is to reduce the number of unnecessary cesareans and inductions by educating providers and families. We want evidence-based care to be the norm. If this sounds like something you can get behind, please check out our page...
I wasn't planning on going back to the OB for another appointment until much later in my pregnancy but on Friday I fell down some stairs and got a concussion so decided to keep the OB appointment. I don't have a regular doctor to do the follow up from the ER trip but my OB is pretty awesome so I'm going to talk to him about it.
Just wanted to share. http://www.facebook.com/groups/361390867235794/
This is my first post in this section. Hii! I'm planning my first UC. Both previous pregnancies were homebirths with hands-off CPMs. This time around I am single. My question is kind of odd.... if something were to necessitate a transfer for myself (baby totally healthy), I would want to take the baby with me to the hospital to breastfeed, I think. Since I do not have a partner and the father will most likely not be present, my mother would accompany me and take care of...
I'm doing a mostly unassisted pregnancy. Went to the OB to get a proof of pregnancy and will be going back for bloodwork. I won't be seeing any other providers unless something goes wrong.
I thought this was a place for more natural stuff. Ultrasound waves come with risks that should only be taken with valid medical reasons. Just a little disappointed that I escaped the facebook group to come here hoping for a safe haven. Sorry to sound judgmental. I'd be happy to share some information on the risks of ultrasound and doppler if anyone is interested.  
No testing. :)  
I'm somewhat surprised there is a doppler discussion like this on mothering.  
I am a doula in Bristol, TN and will travel to Greenville area to assist you. :) erwin.jennifer@yahoo.com is my email address. You can find my facebook page at www.facebook.com/naturalbirthconsulting    
If you would like to sign up as a rally coordinator for your region, please apply on the website: www.improvingbirth.org   This national rally for change is to bring awareness and education to the topic of unnecessary inductions and cesarean sections.   The goal is set: We want at least one rally in each state!   Please check out the website and join us to improve birth for our mamas and babies.     (I am the rally coordinator in Johnson City,...
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