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I have a Sonoline B that I bought on super sale when I was around 10 weeks pregnant. I have had 5 losses over the years and that reassurance was critical to my peace of mind. I listened to the HB daily for just a second or two until I was feeling consistent movement at around 14 weeks. I feel like the benefits greatly outweighed the risks for us. I haven't used it in months, but am waiting until after the birth to sell it.
I do love the idea of only buying one seat, but I live in Vermint and it gets bitterly cold in the winter and I like the idea of being able to bring the bucket into the house at night to put baby in all snug and warm with a "shower cap" cover over the top to keep the heat in during that first winter. Wish there was a way to get around that, but I hate dealing with the cold with a tiny babe.
This was last Friday at 25 weeks one day. I feel like I am going to split in half already.
Beautiful bellies! I will try to get mine up later today.
I have been going mad trying to figure out car seats this time around. I dislike buckets, but I do like the idea of being able to put baby in a warm seat and then bring it out to the car with a cover over it to keep the warmth in. I was looking at a Britax Chaperone but I am just not sure what is the right seat for us. I like the idea of the anti rebound bar, and I am madly in love with the cowmooflage pattern. When baby is a bit bigger, we are going to get a Radian for...
So many great names. We are leaning toward a gender neutral first name with either Erika for the middle name for a girl after SO's mother who passed away when he was 2 weeks old or Thomas for a boy. Our short list for now is: Morgen (spelled that way on purpose and means "morning" in German which is where SO is from. Rowan Sage Morgan August Violet Robin Elliot Tucker Not all of them are gender neutral, but I love that most are and that we have a list. I had a much...
I have only had one ultrasound, and that was just a quick peek at 11 weeks to make sure baby was viable.  I have had multiple losses and was so super stressed out when we went for genetic testing (due to family history and my age) that the counselor snuck us in for a super quick look to make sure baby had a heartbeat and looked normal so far.  No other U/S's planned beyond that.  We are having a homebirth, and I am a little worried about a few things, but I am trying to...
I really didn't want join a main stream one, but couldn't find the one here, and wasn't sure where else to turn, so there I was for quite a while.  It will be a relief to not feel like the odd one out because I am choosing a home birth, and am not shopping around for the best formula deals.  I am having fun going back and reading all of the threads here!
A few posts back, the organizer said she wasn't accepting any additional folks.  If it is still possible, I would be all for sending them out today! 
I so wish I had joined this DDC earlier.  I was on another main stream board and they are not doing a birth bead swap.  I would be happy to send out birth beads to anyone who would like one if they want to send one to me too.  I may end up chatting with local friends and asking them to pick out a bead for me to make something up myself, but I can't wait to see what everyone received here!
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