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Anyone here do pysanky? Just wondering... I'm recently fallen in love with this
I actually like DPNs there is something comforting about it to me. I do the magic loop (I figured this out halfway by myself due to need once!) but I just get this strange comforting satisfaction out of doing the DPNs sometimes
I'm an Rav addict. Same name there too. I seem to only lurk on MDC these days, but I'm on Rav all the time. I even found someone on there from MDC before I realized there was an MDC group. Her ravatar was her wearing her baby
My partner and I both detested the stuff as well. It does make mine look longer but is a pain to put on. The tubes are weird. (They slide off your eyelash in one piece) I do have to admit I like that it doesn't smudge like other products I've tried. I accidently found a product (not natural) that has made our eyelashes grow like crazy it is by ardell and called growth accelerator. Fantastic stuff! I have been buying it at Rite Aid and giving it to all my female friends...
I tried blocking for the first time the other day. Didn't work out so well for me so I will be trying again this week. I think I may just take it to the dry cleaners, that sounds like a great idea.
I've been making Fetching (by knitty.com) with bamboo/silk yarn and it is a bit tricky. I've dropped stitches many times and it is frustrating. I also found it stretched after a few weeks and so I'm making them in smaller sizes to accomodate. I'm not sure how much I love this bamboo yarn either; but it feels so nice when it is finished! Good luck.
I used to hate it but have gotten used to it. It is a pain and I read somewhere that it is normal that purling is slower. I think with experience you will just become acustomed to it. Good luck and keep trying!
I have some I just printed on my home computer I can snail you a couple if you want (for free) They smear when wet though... but on a door that should be ok right? lmk
Wow! I would love to see the whole exhibit!
Fantastic! Yay for all the nursing mothers!
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