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This signifies a jaw not growing wide enough to accomodate all teeth. This is chiefly not genetic but nutritional in origin, see WAPF link in my sig."   Jane...is there a particular article on the WAPF site that talks about this? I've been looking around but haven't found anything and I've very interested to learn more.   Thanks.  
thank you all SO much for your replies!! i appreciate them greatly!!! it's been a couple of weeks since i first posted this and already things are going a little more smoothly. i stocked up on meat (at the farm where i work) and have been pulling stuff out of the freezer on sunday and either cooking it then or getting it prepped to cook during the week. i've surrendered to the fact that - at least for now - i am buying more convienence food than i like to. little...
i'm learning to milk!! there are three jerseys at the farm where i work and i will be taking a turn milking once a week starting next week. we're milking them once a day (which so far is going really well!) but not milk-sharing -- all of the calves are being nursed by one holstein. i visited a nearby dairy (a small, pasture-based, raw milk dairy) earlier this year when i found out that we'd be milking this summer. the farmer there was SO generous with her time and...
i'm working almost full-time at a pasture-based livestock farm. two days a week i work at farmers' markets selling our products. 1-2 days i do office work (usually from my house) and one day i work as a farm hand doing whatever needs to be done. i absolutely LOVE what i am doing and i am able to bring my kids with me to work, which is so wonderful for all of us. but....... i am having such a hard time feeding us. so many days i end up feeding my kids total crap...
i don't really have anything to add (that i can think of off the top of my head at least) but i think this is such a GREAT idea!!!!
thanks so much for the replies. she's doing very, very well now!! she's such a sweetie and is milking really well!!!
bumping this up because we are new milkers and have a cow with mastitis.
how fun to revisit this! thanks for bumping it! happy (belated) birthday brigit!!! and much love to you adina.... ~erin
we have rats in our barn. lots a bunch of week-old chicks a couple of weeks ago. i moved all the chicks back into our basement but they are getting pretty cramped in a little recycling bin with a screen over it so i'd like to get them back out to the barn. wondering at what point the chicks are not threatened by the rats. (the big girls have been living out there with the rats for a while now with no problems -- other than the rats stealing their...
just bumping this up to say thank you. i came here to post a similar thread (we're about to start milking three jerseys -- due in the next couple of weeks -- at a friend's farm). we've been reading everything we can get our hands on and last week we visited a raw milk dairy in the next state and had a little milking lesson.
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