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I haven't been in here in a while and I have a question that's driving me crazy.   My last period was 3/19 and it was normal. I'm not actively TTC or avoiding but I noticed EWCM CDs 17-20, and I had sex two or three times during that period. I normally (based on past TTC charts) have a 14 day LP and a 30 day cycle.   Today is CD 34 and yesterday I had a negative HPT. CD 31 I had some scant pink spotting, CD 32, minimal brown spotting, so minimal that I would not...
I'm Aja, 28, and with the grace of God this will be my first live birth. I live in michigan and am beyond excited to welcome this little one into the world. I found out last night that my only brother's girlfriend is pregnant, too, so our family's first grandchildren will be born less than two weeks apart.
The line is certainly darker today than it was yesterday and I had a blood test today which confirmed my pregnancy. Yay!!!! My hcg is a little on the low side, but since the lines are getting darker, I'm pretty sure the hCG is rising.   Fingers crossed for Wednesday, my next blood draw! Stick, lucky number 7!
Gah. I'm going kinda crazy!!!!   Here's a little rundown:   CD 3-7: Clomid CD 15: HCG trigger CD 17: IUI 2-5 DPO: Nasty cramps 6 DPO: Took a hpt. Faint positive. 7 DPO: Ultrasound confirms that I ovulated and have a good sized cyst in my left ovary 8 DPO: POAS. Negative 9 DPO: POAS. Negative 10 DPO: Cramps are back. Breast are a little tender. POAS. Faint, faint, barely there, squint and whip out your imaginoscope and BELIEVE if you really, really...
I've come across a million of those. Great houses, great neighborhoods, great prices. The best though was one that offered a view of the Pacific Ocean. On the east side of Detroit :lol They almost always came with emails like this:    
From a family member, after my 2nd to last miscarriage while my stbxh's mistress was pregnant with their child "It's obviously not [stbxh]. You must have a flimsy uterus that just can't handle strong seed."
My period was pretty normal this month, with the exception of being two days late. Five days of bleeding followed by one day of spotting, Clomid or Femara CDs 3-7 (I don't know which). I had sex yesterday, but not today, yet for some reason I had some spotting earlier. Not enough for a pad, a liner did the job just fine. It stopped as quickly as it started. I am a bit curious about it though. Is this normal?
I use ProFlowers. They usually have some excellent deal or another, like 2 dozen roses (not the mini ones) for 20 bucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eavesdrop CWRFD Cats will run from dogs. DHERV
My family usually does, but I've been feeling kind of down lately and Thanksgiving day is the perfect time to go into hiding. I'm telling my moms family that I'm spending it with my dad and my dad that I'm spending it with my mom's family. I'm telling my stbxh that I'm spending it wih friends and then I'm going to get myself a turkey sandwich and a bottle of wine and watch TV all day.
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