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I'm just not comfortable with locking the kids in.  I never have been.  Even if they're wandering at night, I'm okay with it.  I can see situations where parents feel otherwise, but I will not lock my kids in.   NOw, a lock on my bedroom door, that's a different story.
I hope it's not bad to fall asleep while nursing, because I did it a ton. With a healthy baby, it doesn't worry me. But I agree that it's best to get her back to the cosleeper, where blankets aren't such an issue.
 I know!  Two year-olds are so sweet and sunny!  And little, which makes them a bit easier to manage. Every now and then, someone publishes one of those bad-mommy confession articles where they admit that they have a favorite child.  The non-favorite child is always three. 
Three is hell.  It's the age.  I can't rule out ADHD and so on, but I sure can't rule them in, because the overwhelming obvious thing about your child is that she's three.   There are some developmental reasons for three to be hell, and of course individual circumstances and personality also make a difference.  Dropping the nap is a tough break, and if she's overtired, it has to be made up somehow - would an earlier bedtime work?  I sometimes get some mileage out of one...
It would be great to do more then send a letter, but don't let inability to do the perfect thing stop you from doing anything.  Do what you can.  If you keep going back there, you'll eventually know the guy well enough to find some way to do him some kind of favor. 
Can you look up who owns the service station, or just send a card there addressed to "management"?  I'd do that, and describe what happened, and say how grateful you are.  Mention that you know life is tough for small businesses, and that you really appreciate the care this employee took of you.  It made your whole day so much easier, and it makes a real difference to where you, say, buy gas.  If you don't know his name, just give a description.  Hopefully, the note will...
Pertussis in healthy older children and adults can often look pretty mild, while still being dangerous to infants if transmitted.  If it were me, I'd keep the appointment and ask the doc to test for pertussis. 
Hospital overhead is a bear, and there are tons of ways that hospitals pass it on. The more usual method is to call the overhead a facilities charge, although that applies to all patients, not just OB. Obstetrics has peculiar costs, and depending on how the hospital is set up, they might well involve the er. Having a laboring woman in the hospital might require the hospital to have a variety of people on standby, including pediatrics, neonatalogy, anesthesia, and...
All the cancer effects I've heard of with breastfeeding are risk reduction for the mother.
I have trouble sometimes understanding how legos are not waldorf or open-ended, but trains and "kitchen stuff" are. I've also observed that kids outgrow waldorf toys fairly young. Once they're 5 or 6, playsilks just don't hold their attention. I totally understand the aversion to clutter, but you're planning to get the kids something for the holidays, right? So, really, it's a question of clutter they love and use or clutter they don't. I would try to make peace with...
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