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Separate wrapping is a must. Or hand each kid an unwrapped gift. It's important the gifts be separate, not important that they be wrapped. Also make it clear which present is for which kid.
This list is going to sound awful, but bear with me, okay?   I wish I had known: - That the original research on Kangaroo Care was done in situations where the "NICU" had nothing but blow by oxygen and antibiotics.  Consequently, doctors in NICUs today in the developed world are unmoved by the citation.  It turns out, in dire, third-world circumstances, kangaroo care improves preemie survival to a level that would cause a NICU in the U.S. to be shut down, if not burned...
Ashtree, I'm so sorry for your experience, and for what you're feeling now.  You sound like you are being incredibly harsh with yourself, and I want to beg you, as one of those moms whose daughter was in the NICU for a long stay, to see yourself better.   Here is what happened, from my point of view: You labored long and hard to give birth to your daughter vaginally, because you believe in the benefits of a vaginal delivery.  When it clearly wasn't working, you agreed...
Are antibiotics an effective treatment for intestinal parasites at all? What parasites are we talking about here?
I would suspect that there are plenty of kids like yours, Pamplona, with parents who have had to find different solutions because they face different constraints.  What's your plan for your DD having a tantrum downstairs during a howling snowstorm, or when the temperatures are below zero?  Plenty of people have had kids like yours and found other, non-spanking, solutions.    My neighbors would call 911 in a hot second to report a pre-school aged child howling on my back...
Okay, first thing - get your landlord written notice. Telling her on the phone that you're moving out will not mean a damn thing. Hand it to her in person and ask her to sign and date, or send it certified mail. Then look into landlord tenant law in your state. The full month rent may be legal, or may be expressly prohibited - the state law would tell you whether that lease provision would hold up. If I had to bet, I'd say it likely will.
What does your rental agreement say?
Unless you have a cafeteria plan or something through your employer, medical expenses don't become tax deductible until they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. I have no idea what your income is, but I'd be inclined to think your tax preparer figured it right. You could recheck his math pretty easily by getting the instructions for form 1040 off irs.gov.
Well, it sounds like wait another week and take a test. How would your boyfriend feel about having a baby? If that's what you want, and you're doing things that could lead that way, it would be smart to see whether the potential father is on the same page.
PMS and early pregnancy can feel quite similar. Your best bet for telling them apart is to wait until you expect your period (or until about two weeks after unprotected sex, if that's a factor) and take a pregnancy test. How would you feel about being pregnant?
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