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toLabor (formerly ALACE) is holding a doula training in Jackson, MS Our program is based in the Midwifery Model of Care & Evidence-Based Research This training is strongly recommended for any & all women who have given birth, will give birth, or know someone who has! We have extended the Super Early Bird Discount another month, exp 3/8/11! You may register with a downpayment to secure the early bird registration of $365 tuition & the balance will be due by the...
Okay, I thought I read wrong, did you bake your towels? Hmm
I am 30 weeks pregnant and was planning another hospital VBAC, but recently have been considering a homebirth. I would love to hear from moms who have btdt successfully. I had a cesarean and then 2 full term VBACs with one 20 week stillbirth. Have any of you felt the need to continue care under an OB, so you don't burn your bridges? Nancy
Oh that is me for sure. I've been pestering my doula. I would really like to talke to someone who's had a HBAC. Nancy
Are you sure that you are completely over the mastitis? Some moms have to take a soya lecithin supplement and reduce saturated fats in their diet. I'm sorry you are in pain, that isn't fun.
Are her stools yellow or green? My dd was extremely gassy and had green colored bms, we found it was dairy but also a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I was switching breasts too often and she wasn't getting enough hindmilk. That fixed itself when I nursed her only on one side for a longer stretch (4 hours maybe) before offering the other side.
Y'all are just too much
My parents are paying 99 cents a Litre in New Brunswick. Our price in Mississippi is $2.14 a gallon, up 50 cents from 3 months ago.
(((hugs))) Lisa, My dh was in Puerto Rico for 4 days. I was SO thankful to have him back home. It does make me appreciate what he does around the house, especially wothincreased number of children :LOL
Usborne has some great books
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