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Congratulations, Blonhrt! That's wonderful, fantastic news. That must have almost drove you bananas! Glad you now know.   I'm so sorry Renaissance. I have had two miscarriages so I understand what a wretched roller coaster of joy to devastation that is. Sending love and healing to you.
It's comforting to hear of others in the same boat. How nice it would be to sit with you all over a cup of tea and talk about our experiences.   I'm 41 with three children. In addition to the challenge of our ages, DH recently had a vasectomy reversal and his SA came back with very low motility. How's that for a challenge!    I swing from being so very happy and grateful for where we are now, accepting there may not be another baby for us, to desperately hoping...
Stevi, we have maca too! Getting it off the shelf now. Thank you!
Thank you, SparkleMaman. So true.   JennyV, how exciting! Congratulations to you and I hope the next leg of your journey is smooth and quick.   We're officially in the TWW period. Not holding out much hope for this month, but that's where we are. Working on increasing DH's sperm motility for the next round and shenanigans. 
DH's SA finally came in. We found out that his sperm count and "shapes" all looked good. Unfortunately, his motility is very low. He just a vasectomy reversal in November, so I'm thinking this might be the remnants of some of his old, caged-up sperm not knowing what to do with their new found freedom.   Anyone know any herbs or supplements that help with motility? I read about vitamin C so I'll get him on that. Anyone have any experience with this?
I'm really hoping all is well with little bean's sac, Toothfairy. Sending you all the good vibes I can muster.
Hmmm... DH's work has sent him away for a couple of days and guess who's ovulating? Grrrrr....
Congratulations! What happy news! May you have a beautiful, joyous pregnancy.
Renaissance31: Congratulations!! That is absolutely wonderful!   I'm ovulating just about...now. I'm 41, hubby had vasectomy reversal in February. Flying on a wing and a prayer. All good. 
Hello lovely ladies,   I've been enjoying reading all of your posts. It's better than a juicy novel! It's great to be able to relate to you and hear your experiences,but enough lurking, it's time for me to step up and introduce myself.   I'm a 41 year old mama to three wonderful daughters. After years of mulling it over, my husband and I finally made the move and had his vasectomy reversed. So, there's some pretty slight odds for you. I'm old and he had a...
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