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Wow, is it really that time already? Hugs to everyone.
Finally some nice weather again. I don't think I'll be starting the July thread...
Djinn Nicolas came earthside on June 11th, weighing 7 lbs 6 oz (which was exactly what I predicted he'd weigh) and measuring 20 inches. There will be no birth story, but I will post pics on my FB account.
June 11th 2009 1:14pm RainbowEarthFaerie - Djinn Nicolas, 7 lbs 6 oz, 20 inches. 40w3d
Just officially subbing here. *sigh*
Anyone up for posting in June? I know I've been pretty bad at it. Only checking my DDC lately. How is everyone?
Most people would be happy to know what day they're having their little one. I'm not. I've tried so hard for this VBA3C and it's slipping further and further away. I switched care at 33 weeks to a dr that I was told was THE most VBAC friendly doc at this hospital. He pushed a friend's mom for VBA2 and 3C. Apparently he got too old to deal with it or something, because he's scheduling my repeat c/s because my body "just isn't doing anything". I've been having...
NOT AT ALL!!! I'm surprised no one has offered prior to this. I'm in a similar situation. My youngest is 3. I only have a few diapers left over from him, so aside from those 4 or so, they are all hand me downs. You don't need to worry about how you sound at all. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for help. And good for you for donating when you're done!!!
I take papaya enzymes for my heartburn. I ate tums like crazy with my last pregnancy, but after I read that it can attribute to placental problems (which I had with him) I vowed never again. The papaya enzymes help and they taste good. I've also tried marshmallow root tea which helps right away.
I'm thinking about doing cohosh this time. I never tried it before, except with my miscarriage. Normally I would just wait it out but I don't have a whole lot of choice this time. I have had 3 c/s and don't have a "proven pelvis" (I hate that term, it shouldn't have to PROVE anything!!). My dr apparently used to be VBAC friendly, but now he just doesn't see to care. He wants to schedule a c/s for sometime between the 8th and 11th. I keep pushing it out. I even told...
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