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I haven't worn mine in over 9 years. I stopped when my fingers were too swollen while pregnant with my dd and I never got into the habit of wearing it again. I don't wear any jewelry on a regular basis, I just don't like to wear jewelry. My dh, however, wore his much longer than I did and still wears it on occasion. I'm not really sure why he does/doesn't, I don't think that much about it. I guess it doesn't signify much to me.
Now I'm curious too! I'm pretty sensitive to chemical smells and the Value Village smell doesn't affect me. In fact, I kinda like it. Maybe because I associate the smell with a good deal? I do make sure to wash all clothes before wearing. I have always been able to get the smell out with just one wash though.
Congratulations on your first 3 days of homeschooling! I'm glad they were so rewarding for you.
I had a somewhat similar situation happen with my dd's 9th birthday that just happened. In her case, she wanted a small party with just her friends, not all of her friend's siblings as well. She invited 4 other girls (incidentally, she invited a good male friend as well who was already busy that day). Her 3 yo brother was there for the party as well. In her case it didn't occur to her to ask that he not be there. I think if she would have asked that I would have said he...
Welcome! We live in the same neck of the woods (sounds like I'm a more urban though).
Quote: Originally Posted by Apple Girl 1. Yes, very soon. Tell him to keep looking. I see something in a matter of weeks or less. 2. A few years back, I was getting some strange symptoms in my fingers - periodic numbness, totally unexplainable. It was even spreading to my toes and face. I did the whole Dr. thing, and they never did find out what it was... Long story about how I found out, but basically, in my case, it was due to a lack of...
I wasn't in the same situation because my dh was fine with not circumcising, however he didn't see what the big deal was all about. However, once ds was born he felt very strongly about not circ because he couldn't imagine intentionally causing his baby pain. So, maybe your dh will have a change of heart once your ds is born. My heart goes out to you, if my dh felt strongly about circ I would have fought him as well and that's hardly the stress you need when you're...
I would LOVE to hear anyone's vibes on these two questions: 1) Will my dh get a job anytime soon? He's been out of work 5 months now... 2) My dd has a weird health issue that's manifesting in her fingers. Is it auto-immune related (still waiting for our appointment with a rheumatologist) or something else? Many thanks from my worried heart!
Does anyone get a vibe on when my dh is going to get a job? And will it be a real job with benefits and a livable wage or is it a crap job to tide us over until something better comes along? Thanks!!!!
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