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Last Spring we ended up with a stray mamacat and her 4 kittens (we found homes for 3 of the cats and kept 2). We tested the mom for FIV/FeLV and as she was negative, didn't bother with the rest. I'd assume that if you test one kitten, it would be pretty accurate for all 3??? We did the de-worming but that was it. Our vet brought up vaccinations but we weren't sure what we wanted to do and decided to do some reading. Ultimately, we don't vaccinate our dd and so many of the...
Hi, I had my gall bladder removed (general anesthesia) when my dd was 18 months old (and nursing frequently). At first my surgeon said I shouldn't nurse for 72 hours afterwards (which would have been impossible). I called LLL and did some research on the web and found that it isn't that big of a deal to have general anesthesia then nurse and there was really no need to wait 72 hours. I was told that it leaves your system quickly and once you are no longer feeling the...
My midwife said that if I choose to do one, the average range is between 18-22 weeks. If I remember correctly, around that range they can measure certain areas of the body to see if there is a greater chance of Downs, they can (mostly) tell if there is a problem with the spinal cord, things that might make you choose a c-section v. a home birth.
My 4yo dd goes to my midwife appointments, mainly because she really wants to and is really into it. My husband comes along (we do evening appointments) so if I need to talk to my midwife about things I'd rather not share with my dd he can take her into another room/distract her. Since she wants to be at the birth and I'd like her to be there as well, it seems like a natural thing to do for her to be more involved and feel connected with the baby.
I'd love to know more about this as well. Does anyone have experience with homeopathics and teeth?
Hmmm, my friend said that it was tetanus only and that they looked at the insert to double check about the mercury. Maybe it was the DT or Td and she misunderstood. I'll have to ask her when she gets back from vacation.
Hmmm, about a year ago I was thinking about this issue since we're around horses a lot and use horse manure in our yard. At that time you couldn't get the tetanus alone without mercury. (And we didn't vaccinate). Last month my friend discussed this issue with her naturopath and she decided to give her son the tetanus vaccine because it's now available as a single vaccine without the mercury. When I spoke with my MD about tetanus, he wasn't concerned about dd...
One of my best friends has a 4.5 yo son named Asher. Great name. I hear it here and there at the playgrounds as well.
I'm waiting to see if I'm pregnant (will test at the end of this week!!!) and haven't said anything to my dd about it. This last week she has initiated several games that I have just given birth to a new baby, talked to me about what kind of names I like for baby girls and offered to write them down for me, and today she told me that she "sensed" that our family would have two kids. So, I'm hoping she's picking up on something!
Kool Aid works great on silk (and wool). You can do a search at MDC for instructions on how to do it or google it. It's easy to dye with Kool Aid and a lot of fun.
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