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Bump! Any ideas Essex Mamas??
Hey Ladies,   Our kids see Dr. Alessio in Nutley, but I'd really like to find a GP who is more focused on women or adult health overall. Who do you like?   Thanks!!
Oooo! Thank you so much!! I'll email them right now!
Hey All,   New to New Jersey (Montclair) and looking for some nice overnight camp areas in NJ to check out this summer. Seem to be having a hard time getting info. Where would you recommend (prefer lake/river/water region) for an overnight or two-nighter, car or tent camping, with a family of 4?   Thanks!!
I grew up in NorCal and lived in SoCal for 13 years (after 6 years in Portland, OR). We moved to NYC 3 years ago and lived in Astoria. While there are things I loved about Astoria (GREAT food, very diverse), the public schools are atrocious and I found it very difficult to get decent access to organic or local foods. Not having a yard was also very hard on us (2 young kids) and I just couldn't really seem to "click" with any type of community. We were on a quest to find...
I'm assuming you've already searched through the cloth diapering forum, but if not, that's where you'll find the best answers. It's been years since my babes were out of diapers, so I'm afraid I don't have much for you. It sounds like you've got a persistent infection. I would suggest slathering on a balm every time you diaper (helps create a moisture seal). My personal preference is the Earth Mama Angel Baby diaper cream, but there are lots of great ones out there...
Hello Mamas!! Still trying to learn our options. Can anyone recommend a good rental agency in the Montclair-ish area?   Thanks!!  
Thank yoU!  
Hi Mamas!!   I'm lurking on every thread I can to try to figure out where we want to live. We are exploring some options in the Carmel/Brewster/Mahopac area and I'd love your input!!   Anyone know these towns? What can you tell me about schools, culture, politics, amenities, etc.?   Thank you!!!
Thanks, Chamsia! I'm assuming it's on the Metro North Hudson line? Can you give me some insight into rentals in the area - is it common for people to rent? Should we just drive up there and start looking around?   Thanks a TON!!!
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