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This is great information! We considered moving about 5 years ago and I think you weighed in with some info for me, but I can't find the thread! I really appreciate this! DH is out there now and is starting to look for a place to live, so this is soooo helpful! Anything else you might suggest, like neighborhoods?
Hi all! Haven't been on MDC in ages. We are finally taking the plunge and moving to NY (where DH is from). We are looking to live in Brooklyn or Queens and need info on schools and how to find out more about them! We will have a 3rd grade boy and a pre-K boy this Fall. Our kids are super-smart, but we are not seeking an overly academic setting. Our oldest was at a charter school in Los Angeles, where the program really focused on group settings, group learning and...
Conchobhar - A few questions please? Do you live in an apt. or house? How is public transportation in Denver? Do you any insight into Aurora, Arveda or Littleton areas? Thank you!!!
Thanks so much for all the input ladies! We have family in Loveland and are planning to explore that are and Ft. Collins. Denver mamas - where do you live? What do you love? What would you change? Thanks, everyone. This is fast becoming a strong likelihood for us!
Please keep 'em coming!! All this information is SO helpful!! Anyone in the public school system - please share your input!!!
Whatever his older brother currently has in his hands... heh heh
You said he likes to "BE" something. What about costumes to go with his imaginary play? Or what about a small tape recorder for him to record the stories he is telling in his head?
Thanks, Barefoot. We're trying to figure out where to go if we move. We have family in the Denver area, but as far as we're concerned, anywhere in CO is "close" to Denver. I'm from Alaska/Northern California and my husband is from NY, so we're not afraid of snow. And it can't get much hotter in the summer than the Northern San Fernando Valley. Hell, it's hot where we live NOW. It's like 85 degrees UGH. Where are the best schools in your opinion, and how do you define...
Hey y'all, I'm a former heavy poster w/ 2 kids in Los Angeles. We are an AP, GP family who breast-fed and CD'd. We're pretty liberal, though very tolerant, and not particularly religious. Our kids go to a public charter school and we aren't the homeschooling type. After more than a decade in LA we think we've just about had it and are thinking of Colorado. Please tell me where you live in CO and what you do/don't like. We are starting to gather information so we...
Hey everyone! Dropped off the earth again! Simon came home with a cold about 2 weeks ago and that night started PUKING. Ugh. My in-laws arrived for a 10-day visit the next day. Then, 2 days later, at a Halloween street fair, DS1 started puking. Dh and I had a party and a hotel room for that night and decided to go ahead and go, since in-laws were here. Needless to say, the night was far from romantic as we alternated who slept on the bathroom floor at the hotel so as to...
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