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Me, but I'm not sure if I'm going to get to stay or not.  I've had light spotting and cramping on and off since Sunday.  Sunday and Tuesday some of the spotting was red, but otherwise it has been pink/brown.  I've got my fingers crossed but the waiting is hard.
I had heartburn before I tested and it is the reason I did go ahead and test early (I never have heartburn except for when I'm pregnant).  The past two days I've been nauseous too, but I think that is partly the cold/mucous I have irritating my throat.  I didn't have any morning sickness with my other two pregnancies, so we'll see if this one is any different.
Congrats!   I'm got an early bfp a few days ago as well and am due sometime between Jan 30th and Feb 2nd.
    I had Sue Smith for my homebirth in MA (we paid out of pocket and through my husbands FSA) and she was wonderful.  Her fee is close to what you expected and no where near $6k.  You should call her and talk to her.    
Thanks everyone!  Tomorrow a local orchardist is coming to help us identify the fruit trees and bushes on the property and hopefully I'll get an answer to this one!  I'll update tomorrow night.  
More googling on my end and maybe it is a quince bush?   I found these photos of quince seeds and a quince bush (in bloom though)   http://healthyhomegardening.com/images/artatom100/quince_395.jpg   http://lh3.ggpht.com/_K620XUd-FUU/S-Blv8MXU7I/AAAAAAAAA_0/E-MBqD1wiFI/s400/P5030161.JPG
Yeah, that was my thought too.  Any idea what variety has a bush habit and makes small golf-ball sized fruits?
We've only been at our home for a couple months, so we don't yet know all of the things the previous owner had planted (but we know she had a lot of edibles).  We're in zone 5b, so just starting to thaw out a bit now and I've been walking around trying to figure out what's here.   There is a large bush (photo below) that has a couple small (golf ball sized) orange fruits that must have hung on through all the snow we got.  I'm not really sure what they are.  One...
I think I might have a problem with my baby dreads (almost 2 months old).  They've been pretty loose at the roots and so every day or other day I have to rip them apart to keep them from forming a giant uni-dread.  I was sick recently and didn't do anything with them for about a week.  Yikes!  They're pretty securely fastened together in some spots, and others I just have to tug REALLY hard (ouch!).    What is the best way to divide the giant uni-dread that has...
Looking for ideas for simple/quick/ easy to prepare snacks for my toddlers.  We are gluten, rice, oat, soy and actually all legume, grape, carrot, and chocolate free.  We usually eat eggs but my DS1 has been saying they have soy and gluten (I'm guessing they bother his tummy?) so we might have to retest for those.  I do make a bread out of almond flour, so we can do snacks that have a bread/toast component too.   Some things they enjoy now are:   cheese and...
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