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Let us know how things turn out!!
Thanks ladies. I've been on bedrest since Friday. My bleeding today looks like it is gone as of today. So I hope it stays away. I have to be on bedrest till my next ultrasound, which is in a few weeks, then things will be reevulated. I'll keep everyone updated. It is so hard to just lay around and do nothing, especially with a child, but DH took off this week to make things easier! Thanks for all the prayers. I need this thing to shrink and go away!!
Hoping that everything is going the way it's supposed too!
I'm sorry mama.
I’ll try to explain the situation the best I can. Friday morning at about 2am, I woke up feeling like I was peeing myself. I stood up and found blood gushing down my legs. I didn't even make it to the bathroom before the blood was gushing all over the floor and i was standing in a puddle. I can’t explain it- I’ve never seen so much blood. To make a long story short, we had an ultrasound, and there is a 4 inch mass area from which I’m bleeding from. They aren’t really...
YAY! I had my first midwife appt last monday at 10 weeks. I was amazed by how much time she spent with me. I think she spent more time than anyone did when I was pregnant with DD! It's amazing!! I'm so glad you are having such a wonderful experience!
Our hugs and prayers are going out to you stronger!
I totally agree with a baby carrier, diapers, and gowns! I LOVE gowns with neighbors because they are so easy to change a diaper! I like to keep things simple too! A few blankets to swaddle, etc.
I am so sorry mama!! If you need anything, please PM me!! I feel so badly!! My thoughts and prayers will be with you! Erica
I'm so sorry!!
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